Love is our new reality

DokMom Introduction via Rene Armstrong, June 29th, 2018 Intro

GOOD DAY GLOBE!! here to say…

…Please allow me to introduce myself. is a mom-load of just plain GOOD Info & Encouragement from a POZ-POV (Positive Point of View). This is real common sense you can tie up to in the storm or calm. It’s GOOD wisdom, especially for those born in the 21st century- the newest NU-Generation. However, NU-Gen includes all those alive and well on Good Ol’ Mom Earth, both the newest and those of us born in the last millennium : ) has a simple message-  GOOD… for ALL. It’s a NU way to see & live. A way that unlocks the free & unlimited power in the Nuclear Family, where real nuclear energy lies dormant, ready to be tapped and harnessed for ALL GOOD – All The Time. NU-Clear Power is also NU-Clean Power. It’s All-Natural, 100% Organic & Whole-Gain, so there’s nothing to feel guilty about. By the way, I didn’t forget the R in Whole-Gain… I’m talking no Loss, Win-Win, ALL the time. There really is no GOOD reason for life to be anything but Win-Win anyway. Yeah, I know, there are lots of single reasons that affect one or some. I get that… but anything that hurts even one other is not an ALL GOOD- ALL the Time reason. is a Thrive Teacher & Cheer Leader that sticks to one point – GOOD. The newest NU-Gen not only knows how to see and get TRUTH, they’re the first generation in a long time that’s not afraid to ask “Why?”… And improve current TRUTH by trying NU things.

Now GOOD is not NU- It’s been around forever… because it’s the origin of all that IS. GOOD is Free Will to make your own Choices and Changes… and far more importantly- OWN the GOOD results of both. It’s Liberty to Freely BE who you want to be in the (+) POZ-Limits of Just-Right for ALL. Just-Right melts the old, cold Just-Ice (justice).

In life, GOOD is fully filled glasses of Happy, Healthy, Smart & Strong, all freely overflowing with freshly made Self-GOOD for lavishly sharing with others. It’s the freedom to express inner joy in physical form without limits of anxiety or fear of what others might think of us, do to us or not let us do later.

GOOD is Pleasing and Easing, Unity and Beauty, Harmony and Health, along with Wellness, Wealth and Wholeness. Anything that won’t fit some way into what is outlined, most likely is not Good. But, let’s zoom out not good a little to see that it’s really just baby almost good that’s moving toward grown-up GOOD. If it doesn’t… well, it moves to dead. Good has limits, and overall, LIFE is the limiter. Life itself isn’t a single, solo thing, but an interdependence of ALL things. There is no LIFE without LIFE SUPPORT… period… ever.

Rule 1) GOOD is magnetic- If you want others to move to you- bait with GOOD.

Rule 2) GOOD stands the test of time- If you want to have & hold what’s magnetically pulled

in, keep GOOD in the picture.

Rule 3) Not GOOD is repellent- If there’s NOT GOOD on the magnet- it HAS to be covered

with GOOD to pull others in by deceit.

Rule 4) If GOOD is moved aside from Not GOOD- it’s very clear and EZ to see. This starts a

mass movement away from Not Good… to GOOD


NU Rx – Get Yourself Some GOOD and Take Daily : )