Don’t mess with monarchs by Ron Gilles. March 31, 2019

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 7:42 PM EDT on March 30, 2019

Zim Currency vs. Zim Bonds: Earning Interest off your Redemption

A special “Thanks,” to Judy for all of her efforts to inform we IDC readers of what Intel is being propagated on IDC. You do a great service.

With that said, much of the intel on IDC has been and still is speculation or disinformation intended to head IDC readers off in the wrong direction. One must use their own discretion. I am addressing a few ideas Judy has made in her referenced post. In support, I reference my post ‘Getting it Right’ from Feb 27, 2019.

“The Gold-backed QFS, Getting it Right” by Ron Giles – 2.27.19

When talking about how things will be post RV, an understanding of GESARA is essential in getting it right and knowing how things are going to be and how it will affect our financial endeavors for our humanitarian projects.

GESARA compliance for each country in the world means that they have, or are adjusting to, the NESARA laws. One of the most significant is the Taxing Structure of income. Taxing income is used to pay the interest on the national debt created by the Central Banking System. As per the “Grace Commission,” not one nickel of income tax goes to pay for government services. For a country to be compliant with GESARA their laws must forever give up the taxing of income. There won’t be ANY TAXING of Redemption Funds nor the Taxing of interest payments made from the Structured Payout. GESARA compliance means their taxing laws have been amended to eliminate the taxing of income. PERIOD. Therefore, any intel that talks of TAXING interest payments is a lie and should not be a part of any truth discussion regardless of who it is. Search and read the NESARA law to understand what this means. If the info is not in harmony with the NESARA law then why publish it, simply leave it out as fake intel. When the GESARA trigger is pulled, the QFS will have been activated and all countries must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS or be left out. NO INCOME TAX!

In addition, Redemption and Exchange funds will be deposited in the Quantum Financial System and will be gold-backed according to the laws and regulations associated with the QFS structure. That means that all digital currencies will have a gold certificate or identification code that acts like a name for each increment of currency. When you make a transaction of let’s say, $50, there will be a transfer of 50 digital certification codes that are transferred from one account to another within the QFS. The digital certificate will reflect in the account until transferred again. Imagine an individual name for each increment of currency, must make it happy.

FYI, the Quantum computer has infiltrated the Central Bank Banking system for a long time now and has given a digital code to every fiat currency in any account, in any bank, and in any part of the world. Fiat currencies will need to be reconciled into the QFS to be used once the QFS has been activated. The QFS will reset Fiat currencies, one for one, into Gold-backed currencies with a gold certificate, if and when the owner of the currencies is deemed acceptable with the qualifications required for being accepted into the QFS. Cabal actors and those with a similar mindset; IE: drug dealers, child sex traffickers, MS-13 type gangs, etc., will be identified and prohibited from participation as well as their Fiat currencies. This is serious stuff and the Cabal know it. Co-mingling with bad and good actors will not be tolerated in the QFS.

There is no other way the gold-backed system can be used to better transfer funds than this structure. If your mind can’t understand the enormity of such a computer to accommodate worldwide economic transactions then don’t discredit the violability of the QFS., but rather put more information in your mind to let this be true because it is true.

I would like to reiterate a, warning to any Zim holder who is inclined to use this money for financial gain. This warning is specially sent out to anyone who advocates the investing in Zimbabwe Bonds for a 7% return on their money. Don’t do it! Don’t even intend to do it! Your structured payout already has an interest rate with it. If that interest rate is not sufficient to cover your greedy thinking, then your RV funds are in jeopardy of destroying your financial life. Your money will fade away to nothing and your greed will consume your life and block your individual ascension process. If trillions of dollars are not enough for you to forsake the greedy lack consciousness then there will never, in this life, be enough for you to satisfy your manifested greed. Your Cabal conditioning will manifest in all you do to one extent or another. It is your responsibility to do the work on yourself to change your thinking.

The bottom line is this. Every Zim holder is known to the powers that be. Each one will receive according to their intent to do good with these sacred funds. This intent of your heart is also known by the powers that be. Each Zim holder must search their own soul to find their purpose for receiving these funds and act within the harmony of that purpose. If you have not done the work on yourself, then it might be that you are the hundredth money that we are waiting for to wash their sweet potatoes in the water and join with the rest who are eating their potatoes without the discomfort of sandy grit in their teeth.

For those who speculate and give dates as to the release of the RV funds, your credibility has been destroyed. Dates are not what the Alliance is waiting for, it’s a set of circumstances that are not known beyond the ten or so Alliance members who are in charge. These circumstances would ensure the safety and security of our funds and our person. The Alliance will not be fettered to a ‘date,’ but are free to checkmate when the last move is assured.

Can it be that we all finally get it and put away all this destructive and divisive speculation and false reports about others RVing without all of us getting to go at the same time? Why persist with these false narratives; IE certain ones in so many states have already RVed, BS, Fiat banks?; paymasters have been hydrated (so what is that supposed to mean? The QFS gold-backed currency is in the QFS waiting for distribution – not to a paymaster, but to our own personal accounts – this paymaster crap sounds like Fiat promiscuity); Reno rumors abound unabated; Hong Kong has started the RV moving to the West (this was reported many months ago – false info); so and so talked to his banker…. Fiat crap; anything Yosef says (Trump was to fire Mueller and then be impeached–Paul Ryan to be interim Pres-shameless BS- Paul Ryan is Cabal and so is Mitt Romney); Mr. Ed is better than YoYo, Patrick, and the Operation Disclosure is the best. Use discretion. New intel providers are no different, same old, same old, new name.

It would be a major relief if these unverified rumors would just simply fade away into the nothingness that they are. We are in good hands and the Alliance is in full charge, not any one individual. When we get our 800# and make our appointments, THEN it is happening. Otherwise, just drama and speculation.

I have been questioned about my stand against certain information sources. I do not and will not abrogate my knowingness for the sake of being politically correct. If you mess with the Monarchs, I will call you out. That is my ‘Male Lion at the Gate’ calling, and I will not stand down. Not liking it? Get used to it! Publish truth, and give the fiction a pass. We will all be better off without the drama and the lies.

I would like to say that this is just my humble opinion but my opinion is not humble, in my humble opinion.

Ron Giles