Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, March 28, 2019

Mary Magdalene

March 28, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and I am grateful today that Earth now has started its development to a lighter era. The shines stronger and more steadily now on Earth and more people now receive the light in their hearts. They reprioritize their lives and start to understand what is important to focus on in the life they now live. They listen to the true voice inside and try to follow the guidance they receive there. They understand that it is that leads them home to the truth that resides deep within them. They have found the harmony and peace that prevails there. However, it can be hard to keep it as your earthly reality makes itself noticed and all the “musts” fall down over your heads. Your big challenge is now to take the harmony and peace that exists within you out into the world that you live and operate in. It is in this condition that you spread the largest rays of light – Light that can penetrate your fellow humans and open their hearts.

A realm of peace starts with a mind in peace. You all long for harmony and peace now, dear humans on Earth. Many hearts have during prayer asked for this and now the time is here to find it. It is there already with you – you find you as soon as you still yourself a bit. We are with you and give the experiences you are looking for. Nobody separated from this opportunity. Everybody has it – everybody who is searching can find it. Of you turn yourself into Gods hands he will lead you all the way to his kingdom, which also is your kingdom as it was there that you were created from light and love to the divine being that your deep inside are.

Focus now a little more on your inside, find yourself in the calm lagoon that rests in there and wait to be rediscovered. Nothing out there in the world can mean as much as what you can find within yourself. Through your own inner discoveries you will be aware of the world in a completely different way. A new understanding, a new dimension will enter into your consciousness and your thoughts and actions can no longer be the same. Your inner world start to reflect the outer and the first steps towards freedom are made. Once you have started this journey there is no way back. The truth that you now see can no longer fit into the truth that you earlier believed id. You can now only walk the path that you have been guided to walk – the voice from your inner truth of light and love. The veils have been lifted one after another until only the naked truth remains. The world that you now see shines only of love. Everything you see, hear and feel is only love. You walk the path of Christ and you are a faithful servant that only spread light and love around you.

The light has returned to Earth in order to stay. We enter into eternity with Our Father and it was only Light. Light and Love will now be resurrected on Earth and it is true for the part of humanity that wish to follow it. The call to the light will always be within you – It is only you yourselves that decide when you want to follow it. In the Kingdom of God there is no time and in his mind you are eternally as the divine he created. You will always be loved and you will always be called to return to the kingdom that you belong to and always have belonged to. You are God’s children and he loves you unconditionally. God can only see your true self in the divinity that he created you.

It is time now dear children on Earth to return to the light. The rays of light shine brightly to reawaken you to the true reality that resides within you. I, Mary Magdalene, is glad to be of service to help you to find your inner treasure. I am and many other masters that have gone before you and experienced that which you experience now are pleased to show you the way home. Call on some of us that you feel that you have or wish to have a connection with and we stand at your side.

We love you so much.

Mary Magdalene



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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