The Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio, March 30th, 2019


The Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children, hold our hands, allow us to fill you with positive energy and rejuvenate your light beings today. For you have been through so much, crossing the divide into the new dimensions has been very tough and we wish to soften your hearts. We wish to help you recover from the long journey that you have endured on your way up the ladder of ascension dearest ones.

For though we have never left – we realize you have to take our word for it. For so many of you can sense us but not hear us or not see us and we know that you know in your heart of hearts that of course you believe in us but that sometimes it is hard for you to keep your faith. We wish to implore you at this stage it is imperative not to go the other way, it is during the hardest times that you must cling ever more forcibly to the strongest of faith – for faith is what has gotten you to this place, and faith will carry you the rest of the way.

Our arms are outstretched and our wings full of love – welcoming you into the blessing times that you have heard of. For many many years you have been told that you have been standing on the threshold of a new dimension, a higher state of being – and now we wish to tell you that the crossing is in progress, so many of you have opened the door and walked across and so many more are right on the cusp. The streams of humans lining up waiting to cross, patiently waiting for their turn. In the Spirit of Love there is only concern for the path that others must take and for softening the journey for those coming in. Selfishness has given way to humanity’s greatest gift, the ability to perceive miraculous changes.

Soon the blinders will come off and you will be able to see your present state as if from afar, looking down on the dimensions you have crossed and the journey you have taken – just when all seems lost, keep on looking up.

With love and blessings we are The Angels in White and we are blessing the whole world with light, light, light. Shine bright dear ones, shine bright.


With blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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