Love is our new reality

Eagle Tribe of Sananda via Kerstin, March 16th, 2022

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

EagleTribe of Sananda

We welcome you to hear our words, we are the Eagles from the Pleiades.

We are a community of ancient Eagle-people and we plead to you to hear us out.

A rideau of false information about us is aspread. Evil people on your planet use the Eagle symbol for their own purposes.

Just as they used other symbols, as the sun-symbol, that is more than several thousands of years old.

We fly. We hover over all sorts of landscape. Actually we hover over all of Earth.

We see what is going on and we have a tribe of humans as our ground crew.

And believe it or not, but we are all vegetarians today. We have evolved so much that we no longer eat meat. We see a much bigger freedom in peace and harmony with all living beings, and we always have to start with ourselves, and we did.

Instead of pointing fingers at others, seeing other peoples faults, we got our act together, and turned ourselves into a state of peace and harmony, coming from our insides. And then we started to work in this direction from all angels outside ourselves.

Halv of us are vegans. And the other half is going in the vegan direction.

Why do I even speak about this? What we eat? What do you think?

Well let me say: It is of most importance! If you do not know what your “guru” is eating, then you do not know anything about this person.

If you let somebody lead you, guide you, please check out what they eat first, and second ask them who is their guide.

How clean answer do you want? How pure from the source of love do you want your guidance to be?

Every fiber in your body becomes aligned with what you eat.

If you eat meat, from industy, their energy is not in harmony, they live many times in fear, and then when you eat this meat, your body accumulates this fear, their stress hormones as they are killed.

Everything is energy.

Every feeling. Every thought.

Please if you eat meat, say thank you to the animal, to your friend that sacrificed itself for you.

Animals sacrifice themselves for us. They are souls with tremendous capasity of love. Their souls are based on the energy of love.

It goes for the fish in the oceans too. They have eyes to see with, the feel, they care.

So please if you eat meat, be grateful and say thank you from your heart to the animal, your friend, because they love you.

We the Eagles from the Pleiades say,

We love you very much,


(This is a channeling through Kerstin Eriksson 16 March 2022)