El Morya via Genoveva Coyle, October 2nd, 2018


Truth is simple, truth is strong, truth is bright, it is very easy to see! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM El Morya, Chohan of the Blue Ray of the Divine Will, your teacher, your brother, your family, always.

I come here to assist you in this process of deepening your Divine knowing and discriminatory skills, which you have asked for repeatedly. I am here to guide you in discovering, uncovering, and anchoring that true self, and the wholeness of your beingness, into this form, into this now moment.

You have asked for abundance and freedom, you have asked for increasing abilities to serve and to be the conduits of love, and you have asked to be the messengers of the Mother/Father/One.

But what you are really requesting and deeply desiring is the unveiling of the wholeness of your being. You are asking to be assisted to bring the entirety and the purity of your self into this form, and to anchor it on planet Earth, right here and right now.

Each and every one of you has so many beautiful ways in which to go through this process of removal of the falsehoods and the veils. And it matters not that you perceive some of these procedures of the untangling and liberating of your beautiful selves as painful, for the goal is to release and free you into the lightness and the totality of who you are.

Some of you are doing this through meditation and contemplation, but more often through interactions with other soul friends and families that are of great assistance in your rapid growth and expansion. We are talking about heart listening and heart speaking, and we have asked you to spend more time sitting in silence and then to keep on practicing your listening, practicing until it becomes your main way of functioning and behaving. This is the fastest and the most gracious way of seeing and discovering the truth.

Heart listening and speaking can’t be explained and taught by another but needs to be experienced and internalized. Set the intention to listen through your heart, and then move into the stillness so that you can allow the thoughts coming through your mind to flow freely. Follow the flow of your thoughts without attachments to any of them! In time you will get better at sensing which thoughts and feelings come from your ego, or from the collective, and then you will discard them without wasting time…for they don’t serve you.

The information coming from your high mind and soul will travel rapidly back into your beautiful hearts. Yes, we are saying back, but truly the high mind is in the same place as your hearts, even if the thoughts might be perceived in your head. You can go deeper and tune further into the message that is given to thee, for it contains many layers of information. Feel the expansion of your heart, or feel where else in your physical or energetic or emotional body there is more work to be done.

You might get distracted by your day’s events, but when you set that intent to be in your purpose and to become your purpose, as many of you are doing daily, then your attention will be brought back to the unfinished work. It is our desire that you find this process pleasant and exciting because it is!

Endeavor to work at it with joy, and in great anticipation of the gifts and wonderful surprises to be revealed to thee along the way. Celebrate and rejoice when you have those ‘aha’ moments, seeing how much you have changed, and then grow into that true self, for this is your miracle work and it clearly demonstrates your stalwart dedication to your divine plan and to the Mother’s Plan.

Most of the time your work is done with others! When engaged with those soul families and friends, by being in close family relationships or professional work-based interactions, are you truly listening to them? Do you see how much information they are giving you about yourselves, even when the issues that they are talking about have nothing to do with you? Do you take these opportunities to learn more about who you are? Do you see that how you perceive them – good or bad – always has something to do with who you believe that you are, at a conscious or unconscious level?

When you recognize this you can then turn within, to your inner sanctuary, so that you can let go of all these memories and misinterpretations that are holding you back, and which, as you can see, have nothing to do with the ones holding up mirrors to you. Your mind and ego might be satisfied with trying to judge others and convince you that the right action is to get away and avoid some of them as low energetic interactions, but your heart will tell you to pause and see what needs to be accepted, loved, and healed within.

Now you can truly open your hearts to others outside yourselves to send them love and healing.

The real heart communications will commence with no effort on your part! It is as simple and straightforward as this dear hearts! Truth is simple, truth is strong, truth is bright, it is very easy to see!

I am here with you, assisting and loving you every step of the way! Farewell for now!

By Permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.