El Morya via Ann Dahlberg, April 12, 2019

El Morya

April 12, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am El Morya and I have a few things that I want to tell you today. Many of you wait and anticipate and it can be good to have something to look forward to. The problem with this is that you forget to live in the now – the now that you right now exist in. You forget to use your vision, your sense and your hearing. You have left this to the past or the future. Yet, it is exactly now that everything is happening. The change is now happening in your complete presence. In the moment that your thought happens a change is happening.

What kind of insights is it?

Yes, I think you understand where I am going. Your thought in the now gives you the past or your future. Your thought in the now, the thought that right now is in you impacts your life regardless of if this thought comes from the past or is changed to a future, it is the same thought.

A new thought must be created in the now if anything new is to be created. Your world is changing from your creative thoughts in the now by your higher self or the voice of your holy heart. This is very important to understand and think a little more about. A new world can only be built in your conscious existence and this is why it is so important that you wake up to yourselves.

It is this that I wanted to talk a little extra about today. Please do not confuse your holy thoughts with your ego. Your ego can promise you one thing or another, but it sounds already from the beginning false, as the ego does not know what truth is. It fumbles in the dark as you do if you let it get the upper hand. It is as we have always said – the most important work is with yourselves. Leave the darkness to your Father and the light will soon shine through you. The light converts the darkness to light and you will again become the children of the light that you always have been. On this basis you create a new and beautiful world – a world of light and love. It is the true world and it inhabits in each heart and it can be brought out by each soul who wants to return to it. You have never been abandoned. You have never been alone. This realm has always existed in each heart and soul. It is only you who decide when you again want to enter this realm.

There are now many who want to and who seek its light realm. There are also many who have found it, but who still hesitate at the threshold. The fear of the unknown makes many hesitate in spite of the fact that it is the most well known and dear they have. They have just forgotten the true home that they have left and do not quite dare to let go of the control in spite of the fact that it would give them thousand fold increase in joy and love

Yes, dear Earthlings, you are many who stand at the door and look in at the light. It is time to make a choice now. I, El Morya, stand at the door and remind you of the light and the glory that is waiting for you there. Jesus Christ is at my side and we send you all the light we have – so that you yourselves dare to open the door to the love and freedom that is awaiting you there.

Step up now, you are so loved and welcome.

Much love

El Morya



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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