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El Morya via Ann Dahlberg, October 8th, 2018

El Morya

Monday, October 8, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am El Morya and I want to say a few words today. You are in a difficult time now, you people on Earth. Something is happening in basically every country today, yet it is the era for beginning of the light. However, the light brings up that which is dark within yourselves – all the difficulties and battles that you have gone through. That makes your balance shift a bit. You do not know what foot to stand on, what you should believe. Nothing is any longer so obvious and truths turn out to be lies.

The only correct compass is in your heart and it is trying to make itself heard. It can see the light beyond the dark and try with all its might to take you there. The heart can feel warming and loving rays from the light and stretches as far as it is possible to reach them. It knows that the light is your savior dear humans on Earth, since as soon as you grab hold of the light the dark disappears. The light heals all your wounds and gives you the band-aid you need to move on now. The wounds heal and past mistakes are forgiven and leave your emotional body to remain only as gold copies in your bank of experiences.

There is much darkness that is disappearing from Earth when the light grabs hold of in the hearts of humans. They turn towards the light and let it heal its bodies. They grab hold of its spade and make its footprint in the ground – A footprint of light and joy that spreads in the ground they walk on. Mother Earth thanks its co-workers for the light they spread on Earth. The more people that grab hold of the light from their hearts the more darkness is leaving the Earth, as the power of the light and forgiveness is much larger than you think. Yes, the synchronicity is large – it is everywhere. You can see it in the micro as well as the macro.

Synchronicity is one of our foremost signs, so think carefully when you encounter a form of synchronicity in your life. It can have something important to tell you. There might be a double meaning in each synchronicity. Feel it dear children what it might mean for you or for all of you who might share the same synchronicity. It can be an important message to yourself, to the group, or just a promise of something new that will enter your life. It is a time to be attentive to yourself, your feelings, where it is meant that your wings should carry you. Take some extra time to listen to your heart – it might have something to tell you.

My wish now is that all people on Earth stretch out a hand towards the light in order to receive its power and love. A new world would then already be at your feet – a new warm and loving world. Many of you already do this, others are on their way and yet others are in the phase of waking up. The light never gives up. It struggles in order to gain access to the light of your heart wherever you are on Earth.

We are here and support you in your efforts to find the joy and peace that your heart wants to share with you. We send rays of light from our heart to your heart

I am El Morya, your loving servant.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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