Love is our new reality

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El Morya via Genoveva Coyle, December 8th, 2017

Good morning and greetings my dear ones! I am El Morya, Ascended Master, and Chohan of the First Ray of the Divine Will, your family, your beloved brother, and your ally, always.

I am here with you today, not as a teacher or as someone that places himself above thee but as your best beloved friend, to share some of the knowing and wisdom accumulated while traveling this earthly rough patch of my soul’s expansion; for this is what this earthly experience that you are having right now is, and that includes past lifetimes that you have taken on this wondrous planet to experience Archangel Gaia.

You see, in the big scheme of events, this is only a short moment of your entire and eternal existence. So, what I am saying to thee is why not make it a more joyful and pleasant experience?

That doesn’t mean that you become careless or aloof, it doesn’t mean that you do not strive to learn and get the most out of your tough experiences, but what I am saying is that you do not have to make this lifetime so hard to bear, so important and sacrificial, as some of you seem to make it.

Loosen up dearest ones! Shrug your shoulders and shake the feeling that you somehow have to carry the entire world on them. Take a deep breath and relax! Release that self-importance and smile! Smile and laugh as much as you can! This is a must, even when you do feel like millions are depending on you.

There is pain and hurting, there are some tears and nighttime crying’s, there are scraped knees and wounds that need to be tended to lovingly. There is running, sweating and jumping, and all sorts of adjustments to your physical bodies. But when you detach calmly and sit or walk in silence, you can learn to flow smoothly and quite pleasantly with these changes.

It is your resistance and slowing down of the flowing process that gives you trouble. It is your perceived need to control and understand everything that is happening to you and to the ones around you that causes friction.

Do you believe that you need to know everything upfront? Do you even think that you would be able to understand and place all of the pieces of your multidimensional puzzle in their right places?

Dear ones, even if you were given all the details, you would not have the time to comprehend everything. This is how fast everything is proceeding in these intensified and upgraded energies. And it really doesn’t matter, for your purpose is to flow smoothly with the changes and bring as many as you can along with thee.

You have been told that you are teachers of light, and you have been given so many other names and degrees that contain the word and the energy of pure love within them. And this is the plain truth! Yes, you are teachers of love and light. And this is why so many times you stop in your path, you slow down trying to understand why and how your own universe is working the way it is.

And that is because you believe you need to teach others what you have gathered so far. But for the most part, others and their situations and plans are not matched completely with yours, and so they will stop and try to hear and learn from you, but their soul’s nudging is to move further and follow their own divine plan and insight.

So what you are, indeed, is the example of being love and being peace in every situation, but mostly in the chaotic and most stormy times. It is in the peace and trust that you have, not in other deities and gods, but in your own strong and all-knowing god-self that you shine the most when others gather around to feel and see you.

And even then you do not have to say much to them, you do not have to talk extensively and preach for hours and days, wasting so much of your precious energy that can be used for more growth and for the quiet healing of self and others. For you only have to be love and to point out in a few words to others that they too have the same power and wisdom inside their own hearts, just as you do.

It is by this self empowering of everyone that the fears and limitations that they still hold in their consciousness will dissolve completely, and as a result, love will flow unimpeded and with the utmost abundance throughout the Earth.

I will leave you know with my love, strength and fortitude.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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