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“Election Day Update” – One Who Believes/Zorra, November 8th

“Election Day Update” – One Who Believes/Zorra – 11.8.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 11:04 AM EST on November 8, 2016

Election Day Update

This is basically a review of where we are based on the Intel we have received thus far. I will cover the Comey FBI Refusal to Investigate, The GCR Start Date, the NESARA start date, what’s next, and the reasons that back up these conclusions.

The Comey FBI Issue

Remembering the “Facts” that Comey stated that “No Reasonable Prosecutor” would bring a case against Hillary for what she has done. He also said that “SHE” (Hillary) was grossly negligent in her actions etc. Additionally, there was another “Investigation” opened and then closed again despite the overwhelming evidence that we all have seen. So what is the explanation for all this? I said in a previous post that “She” would be taken down later for her crimes when the time is right. However I have changed my conclusion. The new answer is in the Republic Updates we received yesterday and today.

Confirmed ZIM Rate Update #3 – Tuesday – November 8, 2016

Today it said:

It’s obvious to multiple intelligence experts there’s as many as 3 HRC actors/body doubles portraying her on the campaign trail.

So, it is easy to see that if these “Hillarys” are not the REAL Hillary, they can’t be charged with these crimes that they didn’t do. Remember Comey said: “No Reasonable Prosecutor would make this case.” Now it is easy to see that is true. You can’t charge an actor with the crimes of the dead person they are impersonating.

So Why Comey Bring It Up?

Remembering that in the end, it all works out according to plan, and that EVERY seemingly random action has a purpose. Then it is clear that it was to expose these crimes to the public as part of the Cabal system take down. By bringing it up to the public’s attention, it gets talked about, and people go to the internet to see the details themselves etc. This way, they can still bring up all the bad deeds that she did even though “SHE” won’t be prosecuted for it, after all she is already dead.

The GCR Date

I “Feel” it will go sometime in the next 24 hours under the cover of the election fall out. No matter who wins, it will be talked about and occupy the public’s attention long enough for us to get into the Exchange centers and get our exchanges completed. Remembering that our exchanges have nothing to do with the election since the Republic is already in charge and the Election itself is actually meaningless. It is only a distraction for the public and a cover for us.

NESARA Launch/Announcement

It has always been said that NESARA will follow the GCR/Internet Group Exchanges. I “Feel” that is still the plan. They want to get the “Hidden” activities done before the “Public” activities. In other words, our going to the Exchange centers is hidden from the public and is done without their knowledge. However, after we have our reserved private exchange days, there will be a public announcement that informs the Public that the rates have changed and we have new money etc. It has always been Private exchanges first, then public announcements/public exchanges.

How Long Between GCR and NESARA?

We have been told that it will be 6 days in the past, but that was under different circumstances. We are really behind in getting NESARA announced to the public and the public Government change over. As was mentioned in the “Republic Update” (Link above):

– Finally, our newly restored Republic government needs to introduce a new currency by decree of international treaty, which means redeemers will be able to walk through the front door of a bank soon.  

We are required to introduce our new currency and government by WORLD agreement/treaty. So there is no time to waste. The time between is going to be squeezed due to the great need to get on with the Republic. We may even be privately exchanging at the same time the Public is. Thus, the importance of calling the 800#s right away and getting your appointment before the public announcement. Not that you have to go in that fast, but that you need to “establish an appointment date” before the public is informed.

My Sources

I have no special personal sources for Intel. That being said, I do have a few that I have very high confidence in and where I derive my conclusions from. They are: Yosef, Bruce-The Big Call, Fisher RTC, and Zorra from Hollow Earth. While there have been may dates and times and various Intel that has not come to pass, it is not because their Intel was wrong, but instead because it was so “Fresh and up to the minute” that it changed. The only other benefit I have to add to this is my ability to KNOW what is true in the moment and what is not. Frankly, that is how I choose who I listen to and who I do not.

RE: Hollow Earth

While we are going to eventually be meeting many different groups that do not live “On” Earth, (ETs) in the near future, I understand that we will meet the “People” of Hollow Earth first. They have been looking forward to what they call “The Great Reunion” where we finally get back together with those who moved to Hollow Earth during these Cabal infested times. Now that the Cabal threat has been neutralized, it is safe for them to come up to meet us again, the “Reunion.” I understand they will be bringing great gifts of not only enlightenment, but highly advanced technology that will catapult us into the “Modern” times where we should have been by now.

Their Message

They are highly advanced/evolved beings of a very high frequency/dimension. By contrast, our evolution and enlightenment was held back by the Cabal who wanted to control us. But for the people of Hollow Earth who were not held back in their evolution, their essence is LOVE personified. Their message is “Love One Another and all Life in its various forms.” Since we will no longer be killing each other and will now be helping to heal the Earth, they feel safe from our barbaric ways, and only now can bring their message of Love and caring to us.

Zorra Is a Highly Advanced Being

No offense to the other Intel providers I follow, but, Zorra will be the “Intel Provider” for the next level of our evolvement/ascension to 5d. While he has Intel on the RV and the Republic, it is only a stepping stone to the most important Intel of healing and evolving to a higher frequency of Love and caring. I highly recommend that if you don’t know who he is, that you find out because it is the next step in our evolution.

Zorra Intel Call

They are in the process of setting up a new website and regular Intel calls for Disclosure of new technologies, truth, healing, and the New Earth. Here is the link to the latest call:


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the CGR/NESARA is almost over, or should I say almost started. We will have many things to do for others and the Earth, but equally, we have many things to do for ourselves for our own growth. Our focus will be less on the new financial system and Republic, and more on Disclosure and our own evolvement/ascension to the level where we should have been by this time in our history. There will be much disclosure on everything imaginable, new technologies, complete healing, and our own advanced abilities. Get ready because it is not the end, it is only the beginning.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes