Love is our new reality

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“F.E.A.R.” – RV Thought – September 16, 2016

“F.E.A.R.” – RV Thought – September 16, 2016 (7)

Received via email……

Everything we desire exists on the other side of F.E.A.R.  And F.E.A.R. we know is just an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  
Yet the truth exists less any F.E.A.R. because it is just so (aka “Sobeit”).  One truth is that humanity, and this beautiful planet earth, have co-existed in visible (form) and invisible (spirit) bondage for over 13 millennium.  And this dimensional reality has begun to disintegrate nano-second by nano-second as all of God’s truth is now being revealed to us.  
Human beings as it turns out are sovereign entities that cannot be held back, held hostage or held permanently altered by heavenly decree anywhere in the cosmos.  Thus, any rebellion against of God’s Will, including freedom of choice, by default, would have been  defeated as it simply is not real.  
What we are experiencing collectively is that this rebellion has already been defeated, both in form (visible) and spirit (invisible), and is now unwinding from our consciousness, which creates and holds together our reality.  Meaning, your personal sovereignty, as decreed by your ownership of a God soul in a God body, has been restored over a period of time and series of events–most without your awareness.  Sobeit.
As a result, the magical currency you hold is more a representation of humanity’s restored value being sovereign–that’s why for the first week of redemption, you can redeem at the “sovereign rate.”  Also when you redeem this weekend, you will cosmically be participating in the liberation of Heaven’s Mandate on behalf of your species, your beautiful planet and individual soul as gifted to you by the Creator.  Sobeit.
This makes worrying about whether Hillary Clinton is going to be allowed to run 330M Americans lives and control the military irrelevant. because Hillary Rodham Clinton is no longer alive, and thus soulless.  She has long been eliminated, in all forms, and her image now must walk the earth as a body double that’s very easy to recognize.  Sadly, the Clinton / Bush / Rockefeller / Rothschild machine never had absolute power over anything, yet they falsely believed they did.  Sobeit.
It also makes rooting for or against Donald Trump being allowed to run 330M Americans lives and control the military irrelevant because everyone knows he’s unqualified, especially Donald; nor does he want his cushy lifestyle compromised in the final years of his life.  Instead, see the good Donald as a Paul Revere type announcing the Restoration of the the US Republic, and maybe his patriotic prize at the end of this faux political campaign will be to announce the Restoration of that US Republic.  Sobeit.
Understand, the USA, Inc. government that was created in place of, mimicked through unconditional law, no longer exists by international law which is being enforced via treaty signed by 209 countries.  Neither does its bogus concept of a single President running all national affairs via Executive Orders.  So if there’s no more fake government, there can be no more fake presidents, as the position by international law no longer exists, meaning no sovereign national leader even recognizes the current binary election system.
Talk about false evidence appearing real because this lie has been kept alive throughout several generations of family going back to 1871 when it was illegally created.  We all believed that the USA, Inc. was real, and that it’s President governed us, but in truth, not only didn’t the Presidents govern us, there was no legal government to give anyone such authority.  Sobeit.
And the cabal did this in every country with a Central Bank, and penalized anyone speaking the truth via media, finance, military and/or illegal imprisonment.  However, no one group can stop the Will of God, as God’s Will is omnipotent.  Thus to restore the truth, the lie has to be exposed so humanity and earth can reset back to His truth.  Sobeit.
Know that you are God’s prized creation, so much so He gave you a sliver of His infinite oversoul, and now wishes you to connect more deeply with this truth via the RV and redemption of your currency; He’s allowing all who are open to the truth to share in this experience and realizing our heart’s deepest desire via infinite and immediate manifestation.  Sobeit.
In fact, that’s what this whole GCR/RV/Currency game is really about–an opportunity to connect more deeply with the Source of All Creation–no matter what name or language that you understand Him.  Sobeit.
Now if you wish to develop the deepest possible relationship with your God, all one must do is surrender the human ego in favor of His divine will, known to Christians as the Holy Spirit.  Such a surrender is a conscious decision due to free choice, and its the strongest, fastest, smartest, and most honorable pathway to connecting, reconnecting or growing with Source Energy.  Sobeit.
Yes, it is true that the meek of the earth surrender more easily because they materially have less to release.  But this isn’t always the case, as even the poor have egos, and some are so devoted to clenching their poverty they refuse to release all man made constructs in favor of a deeper, more intimate relationship with their Creator, as ego quite often works both ways.  Sobeit.
But whichever soul choice you decide to make post RV, please know that you have been both divinely lucky and infinitely blessed to be alive and physically experiencing such a macro galactic era transition with your own micro private transaction.  So much so, only by daily surrender can your ego move forward, as your material possessions are sure to increase at a faster rate than ever before pre-RV.  Surrender, therefore, is not only the most advantageous spiritual pathway to higher consciousness (aka “ascension”), it’s actually a non-negotiable term.  Sobeit.
So do surrender your ego, your rates, your future wealth and all human understanding before heading into your redemption appointment this weekend.  Not because of this silly post, but rather because you are consciously aware of what is happening, and you choose to reclaim your power, recapture your sovereignty and remember all human beings are equal, divine and free.  Sobeit.
For God’s truth is love, and love is all there is under the sun and moon.  Anything else is just F.E.A.R. that we are now free again to dismiss as funny entertainment.  Sobeit.
God is with us.