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New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 16, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 16, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: 16 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 16 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. On the Sept. 15 2016 Bruce’s The Big Call The Big Call Bruce stated that the 800#s should be out fairly shortly, tonight or tomorrow Sept. 16 2016.

2. On Sept. 15 2016 Zap said that the last week had been busy with preparations for release of funds and getting them in to accounts for Humanitarian projects, regulators had opened a 24 hour Federally-sanctioned window to complete the first transfers by wire, (This was done to prevent banks and bankster types from delaying these funds and it guaranteed delivery of the first group of funds), gold had been moved and both the European and Chinese royals were poised to begin their funding releases for the benefit of Humanity.

3. On the Sept. 14 Landa Global Humanus Call: Gary Larrabee – Landa China Global Humanus CC Replay 9-14-16

A. Fund transfers to Humanus Global occured this week.

B. Priority would be given to those in need (which would take about a month).

D. Gold was moved in preparation for release of funds for the Global Currency Reset.

E. Dr. Allen Cohler of the Rodriguez Trust stated:

a. US lands, US Treasury, World Bank, US Supreme Court, and international treaties were backing assets of the Rodriguez Estate for the GCR.

b. A lot of people had committed fraud in regard to the GCR and their monies had been taken away with possible jail times and fines ordered.

c. Even those who protected bunkers holding the gold for the GCR had to go through the Rodriguez Estate and Dr. Cohler.

d. Banks have stepped in trying to take the Humanitarian Projects for themselves, funds had been stolen and some tried to cash in bonds, but they all were dealt with.

e. All redemptions had to be dealth with 100% legally. If not, legal steps would be taken.

f. A few years ago Cohler was in Reno with representatives of the US Treasury, IMF and World Bank where he proved they were holding illegal documents. He and the Rodriguez Estate had documentation going back to the 1500s showing everything has to go through the Rodriguez Estate in order to access the gold which backed the GCR.

g. The assets for the GCR came from all over the world and were only to be used for Humanitarian Projects.

h. There were 209 sovereign nations which were being paid funds for Humanitarian purposes, mainly going through private individuals rather than the president of the country as had been the case in the past.

i. Cohler was a US citizen and would begin fund distribution in the US even though the assets were in the Phillipines.

j. Some signatures weren’t obtained until last week and that held up the process.

k. Gold in vaults in the Phillipines was owned by the Rodriguez Estate who had the salvage rights from World War II.

l. The Rodriguez Estate dealt with currencies and Historical Assets

m. On bond redemption: To obtain the proper documentation send an email request with subject line: name of holder, what they are, and value to:

n. It was the belief that money gained from currency exchange would be tax free.

o. In order to exchange the Zim bonds you must dedicate at least 80% of your monies to Humanitarian purposes. Have a figure in mind of how many jobs you can create or maintain through your project.

p. Landa Global can help and financially support your project if you apply. Do not expect a response to your project request for 4-6 weeks.

q. Landa Global was in the preliminary phases of funding. It’s a global enterprise that would take time to build.

r. Landa Global could now deliver funds unencumbered.

s. Immunities were now in place for those to move the money and at this point the responsibility for the US dollar was with the Fed. (In other words, immunity has been given to certain persons who would trigger the GCR from the federal level).

4. The following banks in Australia and Canada were said to be participating in currency exchanges: HSBC, RBC, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, People’s Bank of China (PBOC), AIIB.


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