Love is our new reality

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Father God via Galaxygirl, December 30th, 2017

Message from Father God for December 30, 2017

Father God 12/30/17

Hello children, it is I, Father God. When you look up into the sky and you see all of the twinkling lights, know those are all of the times I thought of you. Just as the number stars are too numerous for the human mind to fully grasp, this too rings true for the depth of love and joy felt when I speak with you at the heart level. I’m happy to listen to you vent and request, but when you can get beyond that into the part where I walk and experience life with you, then we have achieved a deeper connection. It is nice to be more than Santa Claus with the wish lists, although we do love the Santa Claus legend and thought form who is very much alive and well in the hearts of humanity and significantly raises the excitement and vibration around the Christmas holiday season.

I want to experience what you experience, to see what you see, to be allowed into the deepest painful parts of you that you have walled off and closed your heart towards so that we can heal it together. I love you. There are many human fathers that struggle with this concept of tender masculinity. Learn from me. I will show you. True manhood is raw compassion wrapped in powerful action-filled love. That is the gaze in which I see you, children. I see all of your parts and pieces, all of your lessons of pain and of triumph. I weep when you weep. I laugh with you. I am truly here for you in every capacity. My depth of love for you is indescribable in your human terms and understandings.

Fortunately for us all, you are expanding, rapidly, I might add, to comprehend more of these ideas at the soul and heart level. For as you raise in vibration, all of this will make more sense because you will feel it. You will know it because your inner truth button that has been dusty and buried beneath dogmas and fabrications – these untruths and misrepresentations of truth – are being stripped and eroded away as you all begin to see with your heart mind.

Won’t you ask me to expand it? It is one of my specialties. What do you think asking me into your heart means? Allow me in. Allow me to help, heal, and hold your hand as we take these final lower dimensional steps together. I am ready for great things for Gaia, are you? Yes! Then let’s harness this energy of expectation and hope and joy and create this wonderful new realm together.

I am your Father God. I love you endlessly. Please feel free to talk with me at any time. Great things are advancing rapidly. All is, and will be, and will continue to be, well.

~ galaxygirl