Love is our new reality

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Father God via Galaxygirl, January 31st, 2019

Message from Father God (1/31/2019) | Galaxygirl

Father God 1/31/2019

Hello children, this is your Father God speaking. Mother’s message was so marvelous the other day that I too was basking in it, in her love as I have seen that many of you are doing of late. Please continue with this practice of love immersion, light basking, love encasing. It is so soothing, such a delight to be in her presence. I admit it’s my favorite place to be as well.

And so children, although it is a tough act to follow, I invite you to sit on my knee, on my lap and listen to to the story of Earth, of you. You are all the apple of my eye, the twinkle in my eye, however you wish to say it. We have known you for eons and we have worked together closely for so long. It gives me great pleasure to say that you are mine and I am yours, that we have a deep spiritual connection because we do. And it warms my heart when you see this and admit it. I, Father God, am more often the silent type really. Mother is stupendous in her love-showing of honey love, of bliss. I tend to be more practical, more problem solving, and yes, more masculine, as is the way of true balance.

I would like to reassure you all that I am always strong, understanding, and protecting, not able to be hurt or die, eternal in my love and support of you and your experiences. So many of you don’t seek me for comfort although I wish that you would, for I’m an excellent listener and am always happy to be involved in your life as much as you will allow. This process of allowance, of allowing, is new to you. For you have been told that there is a fierce god, a judging god, a scary god, and this perception distances you from me, subconsciously, culturally. Enough with the blood sacrifices! That is not of the light. It is not. It must stop. It must end. And friends, it ends with the new world that is currently being built, constructed on lightwaves of love and crystalline intention. It is a mighty, beautiful world and you all are mighty beautiful, wondrous creators and we, your mother and I, can’t wait to see what Nova Gaia will be once you put your special touch on it.

This is a playground for creators now. It always has been but the creators didn’t know it. And so you / they created based on lack, of fear. And now we all will create with love, with light, with abundance, with joy. See, it is really quite simple. Love and light lead the way. Intentions cement and when infused with light, hope and love intention become reality. And so please be careful, be conscious with your thoughts, with your wishes, with your intentions for they will come to fruition so much more easily now in this new gooey world of raw possibility. I say gooey for it got your attention. The energies are so thick right now that when you have a thought it is like a baseball being shot into the air and there is so much thick “goo” in the air of pure potential it grabs onto the ball, and the ball gets big very fast, manifesting very quickly. And so to you baseball lovers out there, I’m sorry, this doesn’t do justice to the sport of it. My point is, my intention is, that you are in a new ballpark now, with new rules, with higher energies and higher stakes. You are warming up. You are getting stronger with these new energies. Every day you grow further, pitch farther, catch cleaner. I’m extremely proud of my ballplayers here on energy New Earth. You light workers are really lighting up the night with your intentions, your prayers, your loves that you share to the others. Oh, they may be prickly at first and so if you feel that then love from a distance, but still love. Always maintain your perimeter of protection, of guard, for it isn’t quite smooth sailing just yet and we are not calling you home yet because you are building it here. Do you see? It is an extreme honor, advantage, pleasure to be here in this sacred Now of creative expansion. And so children, friends, expand into it.

Expand into you. Expand into me. Sit on my knee awhile and let us watch the universes spin and dance their own unique tune of creation. Can you hear creation hum? Oh yes you may be feeling all of the “humming” the ringing in your blessed ears as they are acclimating to these high energies and be assured that is normal. Normal. Let it go. When you hear them think of the nebulas spinning and rejoice that you are a part of the grand cosmic dance of creation. For you are. And may I ask if you are dancing or slogging through? Time to dance! Time to create and time to love most deeply. I am your Father God. Thank you for talking with me today, it has been my greatest pleasure to speak with Team Earth. I love you. If you hear a crazy fan totally losing it with cheering in the stands, that’s me. Now go hit a home run!

~ galaxygirl