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Father Yahweh via Genoveva Coyle, December 31st, 2017

Take my word, my light, my strength, my smile, my joy and the power of my love wherever you go, for I am with thee always! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Yahweh, your Father, and I come to thee on this end day as a new one arises offering you new opportunities for new beginning, to speak to you about gentleness and to encourage you to be more loving and forgiving, first of yourselves, and then of everyone else.

I am here to say to thee that you are doing wonderfully well and that being in human form is not as easy a journey as you might have expected it to be. So be gentle and love yourselves unconditionally, regardless of what is happening or not happening in your lives, especially in these times of chaos and transformation of all of humanity.

Never before in Earth’s history were changes and the need to adapt and accommodate happening so rapidly, and for the brave forerunners like you there are times when it becomes quite difficult to bear.

Whenever you feel low and under the weather, turn to me my children! Come to me for reassurance and for strength, for there is never a good reason to feel that I would see you as less than you are, precious and perfect children of mine, perfectly courageous and beautiful in every single way.

Let me show you that whenever you feel that you are failing somehow it is because you have been testing yourselves greatly, and perhaps the load that you are attempting to carry in the moment might be unexpectedly heavy for you. It is not baggage that is unbearable or too heavy, for that is not possible, because I made you in my image, and therefore your power is indeed unlimited.

But when you try, all of a sudden, to take care of an entire village or of a big community at the same time, for instance, whereas previously you used to be in charge of only one or two souls, or just few people asking for your assistance, then the increase in the weight of the load may just take you by surprise, and therefore you need to become accustomed to this new increase in the complexity of your responsibilities.

There is nothing more to it dearest ones, this is not failing by any means, this is just pushing your limits and stretching your comfort zone in so many ways, just as you love to do and in fact have been doing for quite some time. Your physical vessel and brain, your human mind, needs to catch up with that ever changing and growing New You, and as you usually do, you will be flying high, wide, and far afield in no time at all.

Do not allow these few moments of doubt to undermine all that you have accomplished so far. See how much you have grown in your awareness and in your ability to hold and share with so many such a tremendous amount of loving energy.  You have become such wonderful healers of souls and hearts, you are giving hope and love to children of mine who have been lost and wandering in darkness and fear for thousands and thousands of years.

You are constantly opening pathways of love in spaces that were deeply immersed in the density of the third. Your bright light is seen from afar and there are many coming to you, and to your sweet and peaceful heart song, because you are so close to the pure heart of the Mother and of course, Me.

Just by you sitting quietly and in stillness, others can also remember the way and then find Me, for I am with and in everyone.

The Mother blessed you just recently! She gave you a vision of Herself, so you that could see the light and beauty that exists in everyone. You can perceive and understand that no matter what one does or says to you, or to another child of Mine, and especially when it seems to be not of love, that there is only one way to respond to them. And that is to respond with the utmost love, compassion and kindness, for even when they are angry or in rage, that means they are hurting and in pain.

What they are really saying to thee, and to the entire world, is that they are desperately looking for acceptance and love. They are looking for peace and harmony.

I am here to give you and bestow upon you the strength and the power to follow that gentle voice of the Mother’s love that it is anchored within you, so that you respond and act only with kindness and compassion, regardless of the way in which you are being addressed. In truth, others are simply asking for assistance, whether it is in a respectful manner, or in a fearful and angry manner.

I am giving you the power to choose only love and compassion instead of the old ways of making defensive and fearful responses. Take my word and my light into your world! Take my strength and the power of my love wherever you go my dearest ones! Take my smile and joy everywhere, for I am with thee always!

Go with my infinite love and fortitude! Go in peace and start new worlds of light! Farewell.

By Permission.

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