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Figuring out What “They” are up to | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, December 3d, 2021

Figuring out What “They” are up to | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

December 3, 2021

Figuring Out What “They” Are Up To

Whatever it is, it’s what they want you to think. Half the mind control they’ve perpetrated upon us has come from their making changes to society and our adjusting to it. Look at covid, that’s societal changes on steroids! And we just keep adjusting, complaining, protesting. What if we all just said, “No, not gonna play this game anymore. I’m done. This is how I want to view the world,” and whether it’s what you’re seeing or not, you just create your own vision and live it to the best of your ability.

That’s what this video is about: Trying to understand what they’re up to before they make those changes, and some are using gematria to do it, one guy is really good: his name is Jason Q and he’s on Charlie Ward’s video shows. He goes very in depth. Gematria has to do with the occult.

Which makes a point. Anyone who wants to know what they’re up to can study gematria to learn what they will do next, even when they’ll do it.

You have to understand, that since you were born, you have been conditioned to accept whatever fate it is they have waiting for us, which is what they are in the final stages of perpetrating upon us now. This plan has been long in the making, many many more years than you think it has. Unbeknownst to you all, regardless of your age, you have been conditioned, slowly, generation after generation, to comply with their control over society. The reason that Ashtar Sheran says that you are a virus in their programming is because he knows that the starseeds have brought with them the values of their home worlds and they would NEVER stand for the control and oppression that you see here on earth, especially since so many galactics had lived through wars started by the very ones who have been dominating this planet now. It started with the hippies in the 60’s. What’s the first thing they did? Rebel against authority and create a “counter culture.”

People are now resisting, and with their minds resisting, they are recreating a new world based on their free will and not the desires of the DS, with the rising energies and galactic/universal intervention these are all playing out to create a better reality for us. I believe now the DS is more in a reactive state than it is the one calling the shots. They are now decentralized, unfocused going forward and working in smaller groups that continue to put their agenda forward but only by affecting smaller areas. This was supposed to be an overtake of the whole world. There are areas of trouble still, but certainly no worldly domination of all. Their plandemic has lost steam, and people are ignoring their governments’ protocols.

Oh, and for the ones who want to “go to 5D” and leave all the unawakened behind, what if they were your family, and what do you think God would do? Because that’s what’s going to happen. Remember, people on earth are still suffering from divisive thinking; God is Unity. Ultimately nobody will be left on the lower 3D timelines; all will be re-located appropriately.

The other thing to consider here is the walk-in. Uncle Harry has a car accident and nobody thinks he’s going to survive. The doctors give him two days. Suddenly Uncle Harry makes a miraculous recovery and is out of hospital in no time, but he starts acting a bit differently. Nobody can put their finger on it, maybe his brain got a concussion when he was in the accident and so now he’s a bit different. Uncle Harry is a walk-in! This is happening now I believe even moreso than any time before. If you want to see one Mayday episode about a walk-in, watch the one where a pilot goes out the window at 35,000 feet. Guy makes a total recovery, nothing wrong with him. It’s Mayday S2 EP1 and I’ll link it below for those who are interested. I love the co-pilot, Alistair, I think it was his first flight either for the company or with this crew so you have to wonder about his part in all of this. Clearly this was all organized before it played out.

I was having a conversation about rising home and rental prices, I suddenly figured out something.

The globalists are up to shifting around our personal economies as they always do, but they have something in mind that will “prepare” certain people in this world for their Agenda 2030 plan.

Those who actually survive the cull, those left over, will be separated into classes as they always have been, but the middle class will now be comprised of those who are working minimum wage jobs trying to survive, paying high rent, high food costs, etc. This is what was once considered the lower class.

Those who will be the new lower class? The homeless. The homeless are the ones they are preparing to make their plan to accommodate us into government housing apartments most appealing to.

Let’s face it, the private sector is getting priced out of existence. It is in Canada. Rents have jumped again and let’s forget about the gas prices. The real estate market is the biggest travesty going because it’s pricing people out of affordable housing.

We give up more and more of our liberties to these globalists. We need to retain the most important one though, the right to say “no” to governments without becoming a pigeon in their rigged voting processes.

Fortunately, help is coming and it won’t be long now because if we let their agenda go forward as it has been, eventually it will slip through everybody’s fingers. There’s the Alliance showing us, revealing to us how uncomfortable the globalists plan to make things, and then there’s the point of no return.

Ivo: You can call it “The Plan that Wasn’t,” my love, as we go forward. The last steps are being put into place to disempower the globalists. They are all being caught, tried in court and some sent to the central sun. Others will spend their lives in your penitentiaries. Many of your businesses are being audited and their book work of course is found to be blatantly fraudulent. These companies will be put under strict regulations and fines will be levied whenever they run afoul of them. Yes, that is GESARA law.

The main change will come from the people. Many of you are fed up of your world, many of you are fed up of the Storm and wish to move past it. And that has to do with the energies. If you will notice, you cannot remain in an awakened state for very long without wanting to see change. This is because consciousness works this way: intrinsically you understand that when you realize that something is amiss, you will work to correct it and changing your mind is all that is required to do so. This is the Law of Attraction and it is working very quickly with the new incoming energies.

This is a time of great revealing, and for those who understand what is really happening on your world, you are done, you are ready for change. And as your minds seek it, so it is revealed to you. Change will not happen all at once, it will change bit by bit, but it will change. You are seeing more wins across the world where oppression is fought off.

Understand that underneath what is appearing at your surface level, many deals are being made. Many who worked for the dark ones before are turning to the Light, simply because the dark can no longer pay them. These ones will be kept under close scrutiny because of their previous acts.

But they cannot remain in power for very long. The energies are becoming too great for someone who was fraudulent to remain fraudulent. They will either give up their positions or undergo enormous growth in order to remain comfortable as a leader in power on earth.

Archangel Michael asks you to energize the internet, to strengthen new means of communicating with each other that are more light oriented and oriented towards free speech. He says that those old systems will continue to be disempowered and will eventually die, and he is correct.

See that new systems are being created: new health systems, health systems that invite those who are not vaxxed to come for health care.

Me: LOL. I might if I have a boil or something, but otherwise, I’ll take my chances.

Ivo: Yes, you do not trust.

Me: I never trusted them before!

Ivo: So you did not take your medication for the one thing you did have – a stomach ulcer.

Me: I found another way to deal with it without taking their meds. There are ways around it.

Ivo: There are. Do you people see the changes then? Do you see how the changes are occurring? Sharon just gave us an example: She does not trust the system in place and seeks answers elsewhere.

Me: Through Doctor Youtube, and it worked!

Ivo: Old knowledge is resurfacing again.

Me: Because the Catholic church doesn’t do witch hunts anymore.

Ivo: It is wonderful to see. It is happening at a grass roots level, as you say.

Me: And the governments are just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. The people are creating the changes they wish to see in the world.

Ivo: Eventually, once they become non-profit organizations and the politicians are paid accordingly, they will embrace all systems. It is that the government and big business profit from your current medical system that they support the system that for one thing, has increased the toxification of humanity, and supported the medical monopoly. Now these things will no longer be supported because your world will open up to alternative medicines as it already has to much extent, but it will become even more diversified.

Me: I love what they did in the States. When people started buying L-Tryptophan (5-HTP) for depression, they poisoned a few bottles in Japan and exported it to the States. When this got out and people started dying, the American Medical Governing body, whatever that is (the CDC?), banned all 5-HTP from ever being sold in the U.S. again. If you don’t think that they concocted this, you’re naive! Of course they did. They did not want people taking anything but their anti-depressants for depression so they rigged it. They would lose too much money any other way. All it took was paying off a small Japanese company more money than they could ever make by selling 5HTP, even to the States. They’re dirty, and they don’t care about your health. 5HTP works, by the way. L-Tyrosine works to raise Dopamine levels as well. These are natural substances your body should be making enough of if we had a proper diet to eat and weren’t overstressed but they don’t want you to have them.

Ivo: Correct, my love. You saw the one episode of a TV show and could see clearly what was going on.

Me: Yes, being very suspicious helps a lot. The other thing that helps depression: a normal lifestyle without killer stress.

Ivo, am I correct in assuming that many of these efforts of theirs are now being interfered with by the Alliance, perhaps on a more global level? Maybe things like amino acids they’ll leave til later for us to deal with but larger initiatives of the DS are being stopped in their tracks.

Ivo: As well as other factions dealing with them. We make deals with the many factions of the DS and the Jesuits have been particularly helpful.

Me: And by the way, folks, Trump is a Jesuit.

Ivo: Not to worry, my love, eventually people will move away from their need to be controlled. When their vibration rises and they think more independently, they will realize that the government does have a role to fulfill, but it will not be as it is today. In one hundred years, you will not even recognize planet Earth, it will have changed so much for the better.

Me: I’m glad to hear it.

Ivo: It is true. Whatever you hold in your mind for earth can now be manifested. All the strangleholds that were entrapping the human mind are being removed, everything from mind control to dark entities who manifest as attachments. They are all being removed. They cannot stand the Light. The vibration is becoming too much for them.

Me: Good. I think they sent half of them to my house.

Ivo: Yes, you are attracting ghosts who wish to leave the planet now for the same reason. Please cross them over.

Me: Yes. I’ll link in an article for those people who are attracting the living dead in case you don’t know how to do it. And please, listen to your children. If they say they’re being visited by ghosts it’s because they’re more psychic than you are. Remember our DNA is changing and your children have more active DNA than you did when you were young.

Ivo: Correct. Please listen to the children and help them to remember as well. Do not laugh at their stories and tell them it is nonsense. You can learn much from your children if you do.

Me: Yeah, you might not even have to follow my life. LOL Maybe we can get people on the TV station when we get it going to help people with their kids. Because I’m sure there will be a lot of questions.

Ivo: This is a good idea.

Me: I think I’ve seen books out, but just check if the books are about the whole enchilada rather than just part of the spiritual reality of earth. Make sure it encompasses information that helps you if the child is being haunted or experiencing negative aliens like my archon friends.

Ivo: Correct. Both dark and Light are here and they are working with the children, in both camps.

Me: They should leave the kids alone… Hey Archons! Leave those kids alone…. suddenly I’m thinking of Pink Floyd for some reason. But they know they have even stronger minds than the rest of us do and if they can scare them enough they’ll be able to control reality perhaps.

Ivo: Yes, but we are removing the Archons. It is possible for parents to help children with these types of problems.

Me: Yes, that book by Robert Bruce is a big help there. “The Practical Psychic Self Defense Book.” I’ve got it linked on our “Dark Attacks” page. I recommend it.

Okay, that’s it then, Ivo. I just want to sum it up by saying, “You’re not here by accident, nothing that’s going on in our world hasn’t been designed by negative forces and you’re here to fight them.” That’s what this is about in a nutshell: Change your mind, change the earth.

Ivo: Very good, my love. Now please take a break.

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