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First Sealed Indictment Unsealed on Uranium 1 – Bribery, Fraud, and Money Laundering Involving Russian Officials, January 15th, 2018

First Sealed Indictment Unsealed on Uranium 1 – Bribery, Fraud, and Money Laundering Involving Russian Officials – Links and Commentary

The rumor of sealed indictments has been quite ambiguous up until this point. The wait for justice has been long and, at times, nerve-racking. However, we now have the first of the sealed indictments unsealed and presented by the U.S. Department of Justice itself.

This disclosure comes from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. This is not an anonymous post on 4Chan or 8Chan, but an official United States office of law enforcement. So there is little room for any mistakes or reason to claim this disclosure is somehow illegitimate. Granted, this is only one of thousands of indictments to be unsealed and distributed, the revelation may mark the beginning of the end of criminal conspiracy taking place within U.S. government offices.

Many of us may also have noticed the reawakening of the questionable uprisings and spontaneous mass protests from early 2017. These protests were often massive and did not appear to have much time for any organic development, and yet the matching attire, the professional banners and paraphernalia, and the seemingly instantaneous preparation made many non-participant suspicious that these protests were yet more corporately sponsored astroturf demonstrations.

Complimenting these questionable protests were the numerous dubious reports by corporate media which were geared toward instilling doubt in the minds of Americans that the Uranium 1 scandal was base upon fact. The long-running rumor that President Trump only won the election because the Russians hacked the polls has been the overplayed hand of the corporate media ever since Trump’s victory in late 2016. This rumor of Russian hacking has since been circulated throughout the media continuously, even after multiple officials admitted the rumor had no basis in fact.

Additionally, we have the rumors of the arrests of the top players within past decades of criminality in the White House. Rumors of the arrests of power-players such as George Soros, Bill and Hilary Clinton as well as John and Tony Podesta have been circulated within alternative communities. These rumors of arrests seemed to have been propelled by the hope that true justice and accountability are not dead in the U.S., but that the judicial system still functions.

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