Love is our new reality

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The Agarthans via Karen J. Vivenzio, January 11th, 2018

The Agarthans via Karen J. Vivenzio


Dearest child – you are a beacon of light a blessing of hope for all that surrounds you now is of the new world. There is no more struggle, no more strife, just the new beginning of an infinite light. For you have crossed many barriers and then have come back many more times to do it all again. For your souls have known many lifetimes and in many places. You have all experienced the gamut of the masses. Every race, every religion, coming back to the beginning – full circle to undo all that nonsense that you have learned. For the lessons you have learned bring it all full circle, a circle of remember-ance of how life was lived on the other side of the veil. Heaven on Earth is coming dear children. Heaven on Earth is coming through you. For so many have had enough, they are not willing to stay in the illusion of fear anymore. In 2018 you will see a great evening of the score.

For so many have been downtrodden, in despair and out of hope and in come the light workers shining their beacons of love. Picking up the pieces of all that has gone wrong. Wiping the slate clean and helping them all. It will not be simple or easy but of paramount importance, each and every one of you has a special gift to share, a unique piece of the puzzle to bear. This piece, this hidden talent, the unique reason for being you – made up of all the his-story you have been put through – is like a diamond in the rough carved and cut, soul now shining through. Many facets of the same story told now to generations anew. For those that come forward now will lead the way into the brand new play. New stage has been set, lanterns glowing, hearts a flutter and rapidly growing. Wide open and free, nothing to encumber Thee, this is the time when the slumbering awake and remember why it is that they came, to this land so dense, so heavy at times, lifting up the whole world in the blink of an eye.

All will change, that you will see, humanity awakening to its true destiny. Stripping away all the grovel and grime, emerging into glorious brand new tide. Of hope and blessings and unconditional love, all will soon see what we are speaking now of.

Time is short for lives well led.

Open your heart, free yourself from dread.

For we walk among you, the angels you see, are in the hearts and minds of all who seek. Travelling the lands of hope and desire, faith is the fuel that feeds the holy fire. Sparkling and bright, a magical site, lifting you into the higher vibrations of life. Keeping the flame of life well lit, the trumpet of salvation cometh yet.

Hidden below the surface of Earth there is a wealth of information stored down in the core. The movies you see, some of them reveal the great mystery – there are others that are here listening to me, for we are the ones that you seek, the ancestors of old – come and see, we are now open to welcoming you back into the fold of the army of light that surrendered so long ago. Hidden in the depths of your hearts and minds is the mystery and magic of ancient times. Awakening in you with fierce desire the flames of love lit by holy fire. This is a fire of peace and grace, the lantern burning brightly if ever so faint. So journey with us to the center of the Earth where the fires of hope burn and burn. For we have kept the lanterns lit for you – time to come home to the center of your own sweet souls. Shining bright your sacred light we see you emerging from the ground in Spring, like flowers in the field, growing up and coming into full bloom. We will see you now soon. Soon it will be safe for us to emerge from Mother’s sweet womb, and join you in full bloom, in full bloom.

The Agarthans

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!