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Agartha ( Channeled from Inner Earth)

MIkos of Hollow Earth via Dianne Robbins, February 7th, 2021

Critical Mass | The Hollow Earth via Dianne Robbins

Critical Mass

Today it is calm in the Hollow Earth, as it is on all days, except for this special day of Sunday, as we wait for you to take our dictation. On these Sundays, there is a special breeze in the air, a breeze of anticipation as we connect with you again. It is as if the whole Hollow Earth stirs, knowing that it is time for us to deliver our dictation to you.

It is a knowingness that pervades our air and we are all aware of it. So here you sit, with all our energies surrounding you, as you take our dictations. Our whole library knows of these Sunday channelings, and everyone sends their love to you. You are so surrounded by our love. Our hearts are connected to yours, and we are ready to begin.

Greetings from the Library of Porthologos. Today the flowers are in mighty blooms of reds and purples, and their scents are wafting through our nostrils with the most delicious of fragrances. We pass these fragrances on to you, and hope you can capture their scents as you sit above us at your computer. We bring you good tidings and blessings of love from all the people in the Hollow Earth. More and more of us here below, are connecting with more and more of you above. It is indeed a wondrous time, in which all the prophecies are about to be fulfilled in this seventh golden age on earth. All of humanity are desiring peace, and people are waking up now by the thousands. There are now over 55 million surface humans awakening to who they are, with this critical mass achieved, we are now assured of the 10,000 years of peace. It is also this critical mass that allows the Ascended Masters to visibly and physically walk the Earth surface, to openly teach the Universal Laws. So there are great changes ahead, and the changes all point to peace.

We in the Hollow Earth are pleased beyond anything we can express. For all these humans awakening, points to our soon being able to emerge from our homes beneath the earth, and physically join with the Lightworkers on the surface, where we too, will be teaching humanity the Universal Laws of life. All life on Earth is preparing to ascend, and help is coming from planets and star systems which you don’t even know exist. When people start questioning, and asking themselves the universal question of “who am I”, then it is a sign of awakening, a sign that their soul is longing to know, longing to remember again. And once this question is asked, even though it is just a whisper, this gives the Ascended Host the opportunity to step in directly and begin teaching on a conscious level. But until people ask this profound question, we cannot directly help them. And once this question is asked, the whole universe jumps in to respond, and this person is added to the “list” of awakening ones.

Know that we in the Hollow Earth know everything that transpires on the surface. We know the results of your presidential elections, and we are amazed at how the American people were so easily deceived and lied to, and how little they questioned the election process.

Our love for surface humanity goes deep, and we wish we could be on the surface now, giving our love and support to those lightworkers who are in need of us. For down here, we don’t ever work or live alone, we always have our circle of friends, or groups, that we work with. These groups are our main support systems, and we work and travel together. This is what is lacking on the surface. Your families are all splintered and separated, and you have lost your group support system, which is crucial to life. Imagine the joy and fun of working on projects together, and receiving constant support?

Our love to you pours forth from the center of the Earth, and spirals into your heart in blazing colors of the rainbow. As you sit at your computer, you can feel these heightened sensations of contact, just as we can feel yours. It’s this stepping up in vibration that happens whenever we connect in consciousness. It is our dream to someday be sitting right here in this room next to you, planning our workshops and talks to the populace. The best way to reach people is by working together, and we look forward to working with you as soon as we are on the surface.

I Am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

Mikos of Inner Earth: Earth via Dianne Robbins, January 23, 2021

Mikos of Inner Earth: Earth Is the Showcase of the Milky Way Galaxy

by Diane Robbins

I am Mikos, speaking to you from the Library of Porthologos, where I am the Head Librarian. I reach out to you today, in harmony and goodwill toward all surface dwellers on Earth.

We extend our friendship to you with open arms, to receive you into our lives, into our homes, and into the Inner Earth where we dwell. Harmony surrounds us all inside the depths of the Earth, and soon harmony will surround the entire Earth, as she rises in consciousness, as an ascending Star in the Heavens.

As Earth floats through space, her weary travelers climb the ascension ladder that will bring all souls into the knowingness of their beings. Due to the enormous amounts of energy being directed to Earth, a flame has been ignited in the hearts of people, a flame so great, that all humanity has caught the fire of God’s spark of consciousness blazing in their hearts. This Light is awakening all people to the remembrance of who they are, and the knowledge of the Universe contained in each tiny body cell.

We see the Light as it pours forth onto Sacred Mother Earth’s body, igniting her atmosphere into a blazing Light that penetrates the body cells of all life on her surface. We, too, feel the intensity of this Light as it revs our vibration to speeds beyond Light. All on Earth are being blessed by the luminous Light show as Earth’s aura gleams through the density that once kept her hidden in darkness.

Now her Light is seeping through the vast expanses of space, where all eyes are focused on her amazing birth into Light. She is ignited and fanned by God’s Love, and all Ascended Beings, Angels, and Cetaceans carry the torch of Love that keeps her Light blazing through all life everywhere. No one can escape her Light now. Even the darkest of souls, who refuse to budge in their positions of power and destructiveness, are feeling the Light invade their space to reveal their intent to control the Earth’s populations. They love the dark, and the Light is exposing all facets of their true character for all to witness. This is creating an uncomfortable environment for them, and causing them to step up their operations and react more intensely to situations in government and politics. They will do themselves in, and bring about their own demise.

We are all in for exciting times ahead, as all knowledge that has been kept from you will be revealed. You will bask in the Light of “who you are”, and remember your purpose for being here. As Unity Consciousness envelopes the Earth, she will rapidly rise in frequency to burst through the third dimensional barrier of density into the Light of the fifth dimension, carrying you all with her.

These are remarkable times, never before experienced on Earth. Soon you will be discovering hidden ancient knowledge, tablets and ancient writings that will remind you all of your heritage, and free you from life’s struggle. All you need is free.

We, in the Inner Earth, are free people living free lives. And this freedom is what keeps us perpetually young in heart and young in body. For we have resolved to never deviate from God’s laws. For it is God’s laws that keep us in health and wealth, and that perpetuate our life spans.

All is quickening on Earth. In the Inner Realms, where all is Light and all is Love, we watch in amazement as more and more humans awaken to the call of their souls daily, and opt for peace, opt for life, opt for all that is their birthright. The Earth is the Showcase of the Milky Way Galaxy, for it is bringing all life back to the heart of God, to be reunited in one great Wave of Ascension.

We remain hidden in the Earth’s core until Unity Consciousness prevails on the surface, at which time you will find us in the midst of you, guiding you and loving you and welcoming you home.

Anshar from Inner Earth via Tarashtan, December 24th, 2019

Cousins Calling | Anshar via Tarashtan

Cousins Calling!

Heartfelt greetings from the Anshar of Inner Earth. You may count us among your human cousins. We are of you and for you.

Our group has evolved from you. We came back here to accompany you through the passage from enslavement to freedom. Our very existence depends upon your success; and you can scarcely imagine the depth of our solidarity.

We have long remained beyond your sight, but that time is ending. We wish now to expand our contacts and communications with you in preparation for the meetings to come.

Today we’ve asked this writer to speak on our behalf. And the first message we’ve asked him to deliver is that we are seeking more telepathic communicants. At this auspicious moment in your collective development, many of you are capable of clearly hearing and conversing with us. If you feel so inspired, please join in the process of listening to us, conversing with us, and perhaps even sharing our messages with others. Each of you hears differently, with different terms of reference. And each of you has unique experience and insight to bring to our exchanges: even if we may only discern them through your questions. We have much to share with you and much to learn about you. And there is much scope for us to work together for the benefit of all.

May our teams begin to assemble!

Our second message won’t be news to most of you. It is about the remarkable progress that you are making. In three-dimensional reality, your world looks to be a mess, and all your prospects badly compromised. But in four-dimensional reality, the old powers are collapsing and victory has become inevitable. In fifth-dimensional reality, your liberation has already been achieved, and you and all your diverse supporters now celebrate exultantly. Yes: you are losing; you are winning; you have won. Each statement is true, depending upon one’s point of view.

We wish to remind you that you can easily choose the level at which you view your world and how you conduct yourself. When you key into the fifth-dimensional wavelength of victory and exultant celebration, you may enjoy yourself more while easing the collective transformation. We do respect your choice in this. We wish mainly to remind you that you do have that choice. Sometimes, in the midst of turbulent change, it can be forgotten!

Now for our third and final message of today. We hope you will read it closely and reflect on it in the coming days. Our third message is about messiahs and saviours.

You don’t need a messiah and you don’t need a saviour. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

The great need and opportunity of your time is for each of you to awaken to the infinite power and presence within yourself. This is the way to God, because God lives within. Anyone standing before you proclaimed to be your way to God will seek (or be used) to corral you and lead you away from freedom and fulfillment.

Please don’t fall for this again!

Remember that every true teacher or prophet who ever came to you endeavoured to reveal the unlimited power within you. It was only after each great helper passed on that a control-minded group would invert and modify the original teaching in order to prevent liberation.

All good things begin within. We succeed when we balance outward attention with inward attention. As you proceed to clean out corruption and restore goodness all around you, you must also clean out corruption and restore goodness deep within you. These outward and inward aspects of transformation are interdependent and must progress together.

Be your own saviours, therefore. Freedom, health and happiness will reward your courage and responsibility.

We stand by, ready to help. We are ready to talk to you now. And we look forward to meeting you in the next leg of your journey!

We are the Anshar of Inner Earth. You may count us among your human cousins. We thank you from the depths of our being for your existence and your emergence.

– Tarashtan

Tim in Agartha via Kerstin Sisilla, July 27th, 2019

Tim in Agartha

July 27th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


Beloved friends on the surface of the Earth, I am Tim in Agartha – the inner world of Earth. It is wonderful to observe how you absorb the light that is growing in strength all around you. Many of you experience in the middle of this glimpses/flashes with memory pictures from your current life and also from earlier incarnations and experiences from other places in the Universe. You are no longer impacted negatively by these re-experiences, neither emotionally nor physically. On the other hand you get events explained to you when you see them in the New Light and feel calm and liberated. Also in the physical body tensions are relaxed and illnesses recede through this conscious or unconscious looking back. You live every day more and more in peace both within yourselves and with your surroundings. When peace increases in the heart the powers of love also increase, plus the empathy and the ability to live in the now.

Here in Agartha, in the enormous underground library of Porthologos all your history and all your experiences are stored. Each and every one’s soul’s collected experiences during each incarnation on the surface of the Earth are collected here, as well as those of your fellow humans. The history of the creation of Earth is also preserved here. All this knowledge is available here for you whenever you are ready for this. Mikos, who is the guardian and in charge here in Porthologos, says that the activity has now increased very strongly. Many energies are circulating since much knowledge is gathered by you and comes to the surface.

With the peace steadily your mind you are not much impacted by the disclosures, but understand that in this moment is time to bring everything to the surface. It gives you a feeling of liberation and a rising happiness. Since you also come closer old friends, brothers and sisters, that you have suppressed the memory of during many many lives your heart beats extra out of joy when you now regain the connection. You now really experience that it is in your heart that you have the whole truth. Through the peace in your heart and your increased acceptance in the now of the end of the era you enjoy the now. You can see opportunities for positive developments and develop ideas that often are inspired by your Higher Self and you can thus create what it is you want – the world in truth, peace and freedom that you so long have, all of you, have longed for. You understand that everything on the surface of the Earth is and always have been an illusion – a playing of roles. You are now completely free to play the role that you are created for in love and Light, since all that exists is love and Light. What has been created by the Creator’s Light and Love cannot be anything else. Everybody is equally close to the Source/God/The Creator and thus equally divine. When you now realize this truth you understand you understand The Whole.

Beloved friends on the surface of the Earth, Brothers and Sisters, we love you so much and look forward to having you coming closer to us. We all have such good memories of you, both from Gaia and other planets and we long for the moment of reunion. When you find us you will also find yourselves and vice versa.

Mikos sends his greetings and encourages you to continue retrieve all you forgotten knowledge.

With all our love from Agartha through Tim.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Tim in Agartha via Kerstin Sisilla, June 18th, 2019

Tim in Agartha

June 18th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

My friends, dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am Tim in Agartha. I am happy and grateful for the connection with you. You are great in your ability to take in the mounting love-energies that surface of Earth is being bathed in, both from the Universe and from the inside of Earth.

Us here in Agartha are expectant and happy now. Our wait to reconnect with you has been a long one. For myself I visited the surface of Earth in the 1970s with the mission to tell you about us here in Agartha and the wonderful civilization that you were completely unawares of.

I was saved by two Agarthians in the 1950s, as my father’s fishing vessel sank during a storm off the Canadian coast line. The crew drowned, except for me. I was taken down into a boat in a channel / entrance to Telos – one of Agarta’s many cities. I was incredibly well received by my friends and was introduced into a fantastic loving and beautiful world – a light and living world full of fields of flowers with butterflies, bees, elves and light beings. It was like a dream, a fairytale world where everything is light and love. I had to pinch myself in the arm many times in order to understand that I was alive in this paradise and not dead. People here are happy, loving and socialize with each other. We often have parties with dance and music here. The wine is wonderfully good and life force giving, but of course without alcohol. Since we do not have different religions, nor do we use any monetary system, we do not need to put energy into fighting about different opinions, but can go for a dance together instead. We have a common god who is the Creator / the Source, who has created everything in the Universe.

We use the creative force in order to manifest and materialize what we are wishing for, for instance our clothes and home interiors. Our vehicles hover above ground in order not to destroy for our animals, our flora and fauna. The wild animals are free and live in other parts of the large underground civilization. We can visit them when and look at them from our soundless hovercrafts without disturbing their lives.

In any case, when I had lived for awhile in the city of Telos I received the voluntary mission to return to the surface of Earth in order to tell people about my experiences and Agartha. I thought I had lived for a short while in Agartha, but on the surface more than 20 years had passed. I was provided with modern clothes, money and a passport before I arrived to the surface of the Earth at Mount Shasta, California. When I arrived to my parental home in Canada to my surprise the house was empty. I learned that my mother and sister were dead and that the house was for sale. I lived in the house for a period of time and contacted a few old friends. I was chocked over the changes on Earth and how hard it was to connect with people. I thought everybody looked the same and the girls had much make up on and were superficial and many behaved as cold dolls.

Nobody wanted to believe my story. I sold the house and left to see my grandmother in Dalarna in Sweden. She became so glad to see me and believed me, as the spiritually oriented being she always has been. My grandmother introduced me to people she thought could be interested in my story. I gave lectures in Stockholm, but people’s fears made them taunt me and did not want to believe me. I was even given death threats. Finally I gave up and my beloved grandmother came with me here to Agartha where she is happy.

Here life is about the same as it was then, middle of the 1970s, but it is with horror who we have experienced how developments since then. We have been forced to shut down the connections between us. Our communication has been limited to one of telepathy with some of you on the surface.

Since we also are in close connection with the Universe, The Council of the Wise and the Galactic Federation of Light we are well aware of all events on Earth and around the Universe. We are all here very happy and content now when we can observe who everything is going according to plan – the plan long since established, God’s Plan.

We are proud of you and the insistent you all have done, not the least via all your incarnations in wars and misery. However, that time is now past and the light enters into everything. The light and love reunites us and not the least units you with yourselves. We look forward to and long for our meetings with you all at a physical level.

With all my love,

Your brother and friend Tim



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Tim in Agartha via Kerstin Sisilla, June 4th, 2019

Tim in Agartha

June 4th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

Hello beloved sisters and brothers,

I am Tim and I live inside our common planet Gaia. Here we live in the fifth dimension. Many of you who read this belong here in Agartha. At the time of the demise of Atlantis there were many of us who fled do down here and created a highly developed civilization. We live in peace and freedom. Freedom for us means that nobody needs to exercise power over anybody else. We collaborate and help each other out of love and not for our own benefit. If somebody choses to live alone in a cave in the mountains or the rain forest we accept this. Everybody is free to shape his own life as long as nobody else is hurt by it. “Nobody else” also includes animals, trees and plants. We live in close collaboration with nature and nature beings. Many of the beings who still exist in your fairy tales exist here, since we love and respect them and they us.

Since we do not have any monetary system nobody is richer than anybody else. We do not need to work to survive, but chose an area that interests us. Most of us want to contribute to the ambiance and fellowship here – maybe by working with healing or private conversations. In spite of the fact that illnesses do not exist here with us we might need temporary help and care to strengthen our love and powers of thought.

It is with the power of thought that we create our world. We manifest in the world of thought through our fantasy. Imagine that you want to have a clear yellow dress. You see the beautiful color in front of you and the model that you desire. It will manifest on your body. Everything you wish for in light and love can quickly manifest in our world.

On the surface of Earth the energies are rising and it is time you to remember how it was in former times. Remember that the power exists inside yourselves. Forget gurus, popes, presidents, parents, kings and politicians. You are your own King or Queen. Regain the command over yourself. In your heart you have everything that is possible – ALL THAT EXISTS. You are loved by God/Source/the Universe exactly as you are. You are unique. You are important and exactly you have a role in what is happening right now. Your calling and your interest might be to an actor, sing, play music, cook food, arrange dances, festivities and gatherings of people, write, paint or take care of old people, children or those that are ill. Regardless of what you in your heart wants to do, when you do it in love and joy you affect the whole population of Earth. At the same time you find your way back to yourself, as when you listen to your heart you listen to your Higher Self.

Us here in Agartha are happy and joyful for what is happening on the surface of the Earth. The connection between you and us can in the future be opened up completely. Already now we achieve more easily and telepathic connection. Some of us are also visiting the surface of Earth since it is getting easier for us to temporarily manifest our bodies on Earth in order to meet you. Many of you are dreaming of life here and many visit us through astral travels. Some of you have returned fully with body and soul, when the longing has become too great. Others have chosen to be born in on the surface of Earth in order to work from there in a near future. In reality they are already working since these children spread their light to all of you.

I thank you for receiving this message and I will return another time. Au revoir dear Brothers and Sisters. We in Agartha admire you, love and celebrate your great success with a cheer in our best (alcohol free and ecological) wine. Cheers

Welcome to here when you so desire.

With love from your brother Tim, who’s name on Earth was Timothy Brooke – a fisherman’s sun in Canada.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Message from the Inner Earth Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 6th, 2019

Message from the Inner Earth Collective (3/6/19) | Galaxygirl

Inner Earth Collective 3/6/2019

We are the Inner Earth Collective. It gives us great joy to connect. We are within you, within your planetary sphere, within the heartbeat of the Mother, Gaia. We aid in her transformation daily, hourly. We hold the light, the Christed flame, the Christ Consciousness high and we are eager to connect with our surface brothers and sisters who have been doing the arduous work so diligently but may have become a bit weary and fragmented, damaged, in this process of service. We invite you into our realm of 5D love and light, of planetary perfection, of wholenesss, of goodness, of joy, of grace. This is an excellent place to focus on during your daily meditations. Nova Gaia is within you, to those of you who are reading or listening to these words. Nova Gaia is within Gaia. Soon the inner will match the outer. Soon the great transformation will take place. Best be ready. Best anchor and familiarize yourselves once again with this realm.

Enter the Christed light sphere – orb – that is the guardian of this realm, this plasma consciousness of pure love and light that oversees all within our realm. Connect with it, to it. Float in it and become it. Feel the love and light in these words. Allow the healing encodements within your tired cells who are morphing, changing, glowing more brightly day by day. We see much change is transpiring up on the surface, for we have the technology of course to see, to listen, to feel what you are feeling. We feel exhaustion in many. Allow our inner earth light chambers, our pure rivers of Christ consciousness to flow through you and renew you. The Great Mother has spoken and you are in the midst of the great awakening, the great change. As the great flash approaches, we see it has in many many ways already begun. For you are preparing for it, you feel the urgency of choosing love, of choosing this meditation time, of seeking the oneness within that is your birthright. It is your birthright to fly energetically on these waves of solar light, in joy – bliss – to become reattuned to these delightful energies, to become less heavy, more light, to seek the light and to become it more fully.

Breathe in this space awhile; we hold it for you. Listen to the sounds surrounding you. Sounds of nature, wild and free, joyous. Feel the call of your own ancient, native self, calling you home. Be home. Be home here with us. Soon the inner will flip to the outer. Ground. Be. Breathe.

We are the Inner Earth Collective. It has given us great insight and joy to connect with the grounded team, our friends, our other aspects. When you merge with this inner earth orb of pure Christ consciousness, it benefits you greatly and all others that you will interact with, plus it is a lovely feeling to reside within, is it not? Soon you will be able to carry these feelings of bliss with you for they will naturally surround you. Such is coming. Such is already here if you know where to look. Look within, connect with us, your inner earth friends, and let us build alliances, friendships and renew our oneness together, in pure service and joy to the light of all things. This orb is always available to you and in these end times of new beginnings we foresee it is an invaluable connection for you. It will soothe your electrical circuits, your cells and it will create a space of peace within your auric field that will be comforting to you and to those with whom you interact. We are the Inner Earth Collective, and with tears streaming down our bright faces we say, welcome home. It has been so long, too long. We thank you for your service to the All. Welcome home dear friends. Embrace the light, for it is you. We bid you farewell.

~ galaxygirl

Tim in Agartha via Kerstin October 13th, 2018

Tim in Agartha

October 13th, 2018

Channel Kerstin

Sister, I want to tell you about us who live in the middle of the Earth.

I am Tim. We who live here in Agartha are your brothers and sisters. We have followed you for thousands of years and do so still, with love, admiration and expectations. It is not dark here – the Central Sun is shining with its eternal pleasant light. The rays are not harmful, but healing.

We do not run around and stress as you do, but often take breaks in our work in order to socialize or dance. Each one of us chooses the work according to interest and the workdays are short. There are wonderful carpenters, bakers, actors, musicians and chefs who work from their heart. Since we do not have any monetary system we work for the pleasure of it – in order to contribute with something to the collective. We prioritize having time for enjoying ourselves together and feeling joy and togetherness.

Toxins are not used here, neither during cultivation or otherwise. We do not use the resources of Earth, but use free energy that emanates from the central Sun’s magnetic field. Nicola Tesla discovered the free energy during his time on Earth. That research got an abrupt end.

We heal physical illnesses easily. There are plenty of places for meditating in order to keep the inner balance and there are always a fellow human to talk with. Nobody needs to be alone, if he/she does not choose to.

Agartha is bigger than you can understand. Here, outside of our cities there are areas with undisturbed nature. All of Earth’s native peoples are represented here, as well as Earth’s all animals. The animals live freely and undisturbed. If they temporarily want to be in touch with humans they choose so by themselves. We have some domesticated animals, as dogs, who live very close to their master and communicate via telepathy.

The power of thought is big here. We communicate, as the animals do, via telepathy, with each other and with you. We create most things with thoughts and choose which clothes we wish to wear for the moment, for instance. Everything that is positive can be created here.

In order to help you some of us choose to be born on the surface of Earth. Some of the children remember from where they came, others not. Regardless, these children spread love, joy and hope to you. They come with thoughts about justice and with knowledge about the universe. You have much to learn from them. When you need to raise your energies, do so with the children, dance and play!

Many of the physical connections between us were necessary to shut down for the sake of Mother Earth. War, ravaging and toxins have, as you know, destroyed too much on the outer Earth and we were forced to prevent the spread to the inside. Otherwise it would no longer have been possible to reconstruct Gaia. We have a close connection with the Galactic Federation of Light and the Council of the Wise. Thus we are well aware of what is happening in the Universe.

You have had a long and arduous time with much darkness. The dark is now in the process of being dissolved. We look forward to and long for a rapid reunion with you, beloved sisters and brothers. As we wait for this moment you are welcome to receive our healing, maybe by visiting one of our temples, made from jade or other powerful precious stones. You are not exposed to various religions in our temples, only the pure power of love, which comes from all ours common creator, Source/God.

Love to you all from all of us





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

The Agarthans via Karen J. Vivenzio, January 11th, 2018

The Agarthans via Karen J. Vivenzio


Dearest child – you are a beacon of light a blessing of hope for all that surrounds you now is of the new world. There is no more struggle, no more strife, just the new beginning of an infinite light. For you have crossed many barriers and then have come back many more times to do it all again. For your souls have known many lifetimes and in many places. You have all experienced the gamut of the masses. Every race, every religion, coming back to the beginning – full circle to undo all that nonsense that you have learned. For the lessons you have learned bring it all full circle, a circle of remember-ance of how life was lived on the other side of the veil. Heaven on Earth is coming dear children. Heaven on Earth is coming through you. For so many have had enough, they are not willing to stay in the illusion of fear anymore. In 2018 you will see a great evening of the score.

For so many have been downtrodden, in despair and out of hope and in come the light workers shining their beacons of love. Picking up the pieces of all that has gone wrong. Wiping the slate clean and helping them all. It will not be simple or easy but of paramount importance, each and every one of you has a special gift to share, a unique piece of the puzzle to bear. This piece, this hidden talent, the unique reason for being you – made up of all the his-story you have been put through – is like a diamond in the rough carved and cut, soul now shining through. Many facets of the same story told now to generations anew. For those that come forward now will lead the way into the brand new play. New stage has been set, lanterns glowing, hearts a flutter and rapidly growing. Wide open and free, nothing to encumber Thee, this is the time when the slumbering awake and remember why it is that they came, to this land so dense, so heavy at times, lifting up the whole world in the blink of an eye.

All will change, that you will see, humanity awakening to its true destiny. Stripping away all the grovel and grime, emerging into glorious brand new tide. Of hope and blessings and unconditional love, all will soon see what we are speaking now of.

Time is short for lives well led.

Open your heart, free yourself from dread.

For we walk among you, the angels you see, are in the hearts and minds of all who seek. Travelling the lands of hope and desire, faith is the fuel that feeds the holy fire. Sparkling and bright, a magical site, lifting you into the higher vibrations of life. Keeping the flame of life well lit, the trumpet of salvation cometh yet.

Hidden below the surface of Earth there is a wealth of information stored down in the core. The movies you see, some of them reveal the great mystery – there are others that are here listening to me, for we are the ones that you seek, the ancestors of old – come and see, we are now open to welcoming you back into the fold of the army of light that surrendered so long ago. Hidden in the depths of your hearts and minds is the mystery and magic of ancient times. Awakening in you with fierce desire the flames of love lit by holy fire. This is a fire of peace and grace, the lantern burning brightly if ever so faint. So journey with us to the center of the Earth where the fires of hope burn and burn. For we have kept the lanterns lit for you – time to come home to the center of your own sweet souls. Shining bright your sacred light we see you emerging from the ground in Spring, like flowers in the field, growing up and coming into full bloom. We will see you now soon. Soon it will be safe for us to emerge from Mother’s sweet womb, and join you in full bloom, in full bloom.

The Agarthans

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!

Mikos from Agartha via Diane Robbins, September 5th, 2017

Mikos of Inner Earth Channeled by Diane Robbins 9-5-17



Earth Is Shifting into Higher Dimensions

We have only your highest good in mind. All we think is the goodness we feel in our hearts for all of humanity. Your Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions at a rapid pace, and your loss of time is your confirmation of this shift. Notice how quickly your days pass. Disregard the negativity you read about and hear on the news. It is the last stand of the dark forces, as they rear their heads in one last battle to dominate the Earth.

Their time is over. A new Earth is dawning, a new sun is rising, and a new heaven is at hand. A glorious time is approaching. It is the freedom you all dream of, being birthed into your present.
In the Hollow Earth, heaven is all we experience, and if there were clouds we would “walk on them” as your saying goes. Soon, you too, will feel the exuberance of “walking on clouds”, as your clouds literally fade away and your atmosphere “lightens” up as the density dissolves and the pollution decreases, to bring your clarity of mind into focus as the new heaven descends upon your Earth plane and you, at last, can touch the stars.

So much is happening at levels you are not consciously aware of yet, to bring you all fully into the Light and back into the Confederation of Planets.

Earth has not been lost. On the contrary, it’s been saved by the Lightworkers who are emitting more and more Light daily, and the company of heaven who have dedicated their lives to raising Earth into the higher vibrations.

All Life Forms Are Opting for the Ascension

All life forms presently on Earth are opting for the ascension. However, some will ascend with the Earth and with us at this time, and the others who have been unconscious of their inner choices and unwilling to ascend at this time, will do so at a later time. Know that the Earth’s ascension is assured.
The people in the Hollow Earth are overjoyed with the rise in frequency that has taken place over the last few years. We yearn to connect with you in the physical, and now this connection is fully assured. We can even “guarantee” this, as you would say above. Yes, you are above us, but depth of location is irrelevant. For with peace coming to the planet, all life will be assured of rapid evolvement to make up for the lost days of darkness.

Humanity has learned its lesson well, and has learned the futility of war and bickering, and cries now for an end to the insanity. And the end is coming. You are witnessing the last eruptions on the surface.
From this point on, you will begin to see the merging of peoples, places and principles, as all come together in ONE UNITED EARTH. This is the day God has been waiting for. This is the day your holy God Selves have been praying for. This is the day we will open up the tunnel exits and come to you, with our brightly colored robes and sparkling sandals, bearing gifts of immense riches and the necessary devices that will return your planet to its pristine state once again, for we can solve all your pollution and sickness problems in just moments.


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Mikos from Inner Earth, October 7th

By Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the Center of our Earth.

Our Dear Readers: I am Mikos, introducing you to the Tree People living among you.

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The Tree People are very Lighted Beings, and you can see how their auras fill the sky in towers of light waves radiating from their inner essences. They are tubes of light, carrying vast amounts of information and folklore to disseminate to humans on Earth, if only humans would tune into their frequency and connect with them on their wavelength. This is easy to do. You just call on the Trees and invoke their presence, and ask them to transfer their library to your vast vault inside yourself. Your vault is practically empty, so you have much storage room inside, just waiting to be filled with documents containing the mysteries of life – all the mysteries you haven’t as yet been able to unravel in your closed states of existence.

The Trees are “open” to all, and not closed in their belief systems or ways of thinking. They are open to the Universe and to all life around them, and welcome information coming in from all sources and all places.

They have a cataloging system built right into them that filters and sorts all the information into categories, and then files these categories away for easy retrieval—just like in the most modern of your libraries—only the Trees do it themselves, automatically, without any help from manmade technology. Yes, the Trees are most magnificent Beings, just waiting for you to retrieve all the information and knowledge of the Earth that they have stored over the millennia for you.


Between the Trees and the Cetaceans, you humans have more knowledge at your fingertips than you could ever read through, so we suggest you don’t read it—just imbibe it in your souls and it will filter up to you just when you need it. It is that easy. Information at your fingertips—and no need to read your books anymore, unless you want to read them just for the pure enjoyment; but books are not really necessary, for all the stories of the Earth and the Universe are already written and bound
and found in the library rooms inside the Trees—just waiting for you to check them out. They will even give you a library card—encoded with your very own DNA library number on it, so that you can check out information anytime you desire—and there is no need to return it when you are done reading the records—you just keep it stored within you for future use, to retrieve when necessary. Such an easy system—isn’t it? Way beyond anything your technology could dream up.

Only the Creator can dream systems like this, so we suggest you tap into it and start retrieving all the information that is just waiting for you to check out and use for your survival. For survival is now the point where Earth Humans are in their evolution, and you need the information to survive these times of impending cataclysms. This information is crucial for you to have, for it can change the world in an instant by giving you the understanding you need to avert dire possibilities looming on the horizon caused by mankind’s ignorance and gross misdeeds.

So tune into the Trees, and also the Cetaceans, for the guidance, information, and training you need to continue your life as a species dedicated to the Earth and not warring with the Earth. For the Earth is not at war—it is only humans who are at war with themselves, taking it out on others who they see as separate from themselves, rather than part of themselves. It is only your closed vision that keeps you in slavery—so reach out to the Trees who will open your eyesight to the gateway leading to the Stars. All you need to see clearly is just a “blink” away.

I am Mikos, your fellow traveler to the Stars. We bid you to travel with us—it is not a rocky road as you perceive it, but a well paved and smooth highway if you but connect to all the other life forms who are waving to you to join them along the road to unity with all. For it is in unity that we thrive, whereas in separateness we dive. So lift with us in consciousness, for all Earth is about to embark on a trip of great heights leading to the Stars. You call it “ascension”; we call it time travel leading to other time zones and dimensions, way beyond your current comprehension.

So open your doors to the Living Libraries all around you, and take advantage of their accumulation and wealth of knowledge that you so desperately need in your lives, so that you can fulfill your missions here on Earth in ease and grace. It is all waiting for you to plug into—and oh, so easy to do. Just intend it, and it is so. Intention is always the first step, and then consciously connecting and communing with the Trees is the second step, and walking among them, touching them, sitting with them is the third step, and voila, it will happen—you will be privy to their information and will find yourselves able to tap into their vast storage system with no effort—the words and thoughts will just appear to you as if you are reading them from a script on a movie screen. It is that easy.

So now that you know how to break the code and enter the Trees’ library, we will leave you here, as we ourselves walk into the Library of Porthologos for our morning of further enlightenment as we access the vast vaults of knowledge in our own library’s retrieval system that we have gleaned from the Stars.

I am Mikos, and I bid you a good day.

(More messages from Mikos can be found in my book: Messages from the Hollow Earth)

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