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From the inner kingdoms, Agartha, via Inger Norén March 24, 2021

From the inner kingdoms, Agartha, via Inger Norén

March 24, 2021



We from Agartha want to leave a message for the people on Earth.

It really is a time to reflect on what you want with your continued existence on Earth. It is an intermediate time, a time to really rest, to stand in a higher vibration to be prepared for the great transformation that will soon befall the people.

This event is historic because it has not occurred before and we in the inner realms are also affected by this fantastic energy of love. We are already in higher dimensions than humans, but we are still affected by this great event as it actually is.

Finally, we have begun to approach the time when we can be seen and socialize again as we did a very long time ago. This is truly a historic event and we are so happy and we are constantly celebrating the awakening of the people for times of higher development and prosperity for the entire population.

Many are the sorrows we have had when we have seen our beautiful Gaia become more and more destroyed by too many toxins that have broken down this beautiful nature. This time is over and we see how many people have great ideas for an improvement for the good of all. Many of these inventions have previously been an attempt by humans from a long time ago but which are now becoming relevant again due to the diminishing influence of the dark. This is a blessing and we look forward to the continued life of humans in ascension to higher dimensions and to becoming multidimensional beings.

We in the inner kingdoms of the Earth have come together to give people as much support and love as we can. We too are raised in our vibration by this love as it actually is. Everything is just as it should be and we thank you this time for wishing everyone good luck in your new reality.

Us in Agartha



Many thanks. In loving service. I am




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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