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Inger Norén Channels Her Higher Self, March 24th, 2021

Inger Norén Channels Her Higher Self, March 24th, 2021


Be greeted people. Today is a great day to just be in your light for complementation or meditation. This intermission is a great time to really take advantage of your inner knowledge that everything is just as it should be.

The light comes strong to the Earth and it is a healing and loving light that is there for a great manifestation of love for everyone on Earth. This can be said to be a premonition that the great wave of love lights will soon hit the Earth to completely transform humans. Patience is something that is good to have in these times, to say no date for the event is difficult because it depends on so many aspects for everything to go as it is intended.

The divine plan is in a phase where anything can happen and it is prepared to work no matter what the agenda of the dark. Our Father GOD has prepared it for many different aspects that make it completely safe and this plan has had many and long times to be implemented as perfectly as possible and soon this phase is over for the people where it will be shown what it is meant. The light comes in waves to the planet and it is something that most people feel in the form of pain in the body that is transformed as from within to make your transformation as gentle as possible. Your inner self will appear outwardly as so many desire.

With this light now invading the Earth from both the sun and other higher beings from the highest realms of the Universe has a very great significance. Not all people will feel these energies of love and it is their choice if they want to follow this great ascension that it is about. Most people, however, have felt a change both physically and spiritually in beginning to question what is going on. It is a good start to try to rely on the old reality not being what it used to be. It can be difficult to understand if it is too big a change, but everyone has still got the impression that something must change after this closure that has taken place in all countries.

The longer this time in shutdown will take, the more the understanding that everything has changed and only for the better. People will not tolerate being isolated from their loved ones for that long and there will be a lot of unrest in the world, but this shutdown is necessary to make people wake up from their sleep that some are actually still in. Although this shutdown is awkward and perhaps frightening because we do not really know what will happen in the future in our lives, but it can only get better despite all the terrible revelations that will come soon. Know that it is necessary that everyone has gained knowledge of what has and occurs on Earth from the dark.

This will be a difficult time and many will open their eyes when they understand that with these revelations that are there for us to understand that it is for our own freedom from the dark to a fantastic and evolving life in the future. Most people have realized that the Earth is in a shift to a higher dimension and many have with the help of the light workers sent their light further out over the world to all countries and all the nooks and crannies to reduce the darkness that is more entrenched in certain areas of the world. It is a fantastic deed and it raises everyone’s vibration on Earth, which in turn also raises everyone in the entire Universe. One should not underestimate the power of light and also the love that it entails with this manifestation for the good of all on Earth and in the Universe. Patience is a virtue, they say, and in this case it is of great importance. Be still and try to remain in a higher vibration that helps all people on Earth and to make the dark leave the planet. We must take back our planet ourselves.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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