Love is our new reality

Mikos from Inner Earth, October 7th

By Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the Center of our Earth.

Our Dear Readers: I am Mikos, introducing you to the Tree People living among you.

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The Tree People are very Lighted Beings, and you can see how their auras fill the sky in towers of light waves radiating from their inner essences. They are tubes of light, carrying vast amounts of information and folklore to disseminate to humans on Earth, if only humans would tune into their frequency and connect with them on their wavelength. This is easy to do. You just call on the Trees and invoke their presence, and ask them to transfer their library to your vast vault inside yourself. Your vault is practically empty, so you have much storage room inside, just waiting to be filled with documents containing the mysteries of life – all the mysteries you haven’t as yet been able to unravel in your closed states of existence.

The Trees are “open” to all, and not closed in their belief systems or ways of thinking. They are open to the Universe and to all life around them, and welcome information coming in from all sources and all places.

They have a cataloging system built right into them that filters and sorts all the information into categories, and then files these categories away for easy retrieval—just like in the most modern of your libraries—only the Trees do it themselves, automatically, without any help from manmade technology. Yes, the Trees are most magnificent Beings, just waiting for you to retrieve all the information and knowledge of the Earth that they have stored over the millennia for you.


Between the Trees and the Cetaceans, you humans have more knowledge at your fingertips than you could ever read through, so we suggest you don’t read it—just imbibe it in your souls and it will filter up to you just when you need it. It is that easy. Information at your fingertips—and no need to read your books anymore, unless you want to read them just for the pure enjoyment; but books are not really necessary, for all the stories of the Earth and the Universe are already written and bound
and found in the library rooms inside the Trees—just waiting for you to check them out. They will even give you a library card—encoded with your very own DNA library number on it, so that you can check out information anytime you desire—and there is no need to return it when you are done reading the records—you just keep it stored within you for future use, to retrieve when necessary. Such an easy system—isn’t it? Way beyond anything your technology could dream up.

Only the Creator can dream systems like this, so we suggest you tap into it and start retrieving all the information that is just waiting for you to check out and use for your survival. For survival is now the point where Earth Humans are in their evolution, and you need the information to survive these times of impending cataclysms. This information is crucial for you to have, for it can change the world in an instant by giving you the understanding you need to avert dire possibilities looming on the horizon caused by mankind’s ignorance and gross misdeeds.

So tune into the Trees, and also the Cetaceans, for the guidance, information, and training you need to continue your life as a species dedicated to the Earth and not warring with the Earth. For the Earth is not at war—it is only humans who are at war with themselves, taking it out on others who they see as separate from themselves, rather than part of themselves. It is only your closed vision that keeps you in slavery—so reach out to the Trees who will open your eyesight to the gateway leading to the Stars. All you need to see clearly is just a “blink” away.

I am Mikos, your fellow traveler to the Stars. We bid you to travel with us—it is not a rocky road as you perceive it, but a well paved and smooth highway if you but connect to all the other life forms who are waving to you to join them along the road to unity with all. For it is in unity that we thrive, whereas in separateness we dive. So lift with us in consciousness, for all Earth is about to embark on a trip of great heights leading to the Stars. You call it “ascension”; we call it time travel leading to other time zones and dimensions, way beyond your current comprehension.

So open your doors to the Living Libraries all around you, and take advantage of their accumulation and wealth of knowledge that you so desperately need in your lives, so that you can fulfill your missions here on Earth in ease and grace. It is all waiting for you to plug into—and oh, so easy to do. Just intend it, and it is so. Intention is always the first step, and then consciously connecting and communing with the Trees is the second step, and walking among them, touching them, sitting with them is the third step, and voila, it will happen—you will be privy to their information and will find yourselves able to tap into their vast storage system with no effort—the words and thoughts will just appear to you as if you are reading them from a script on a movie screen. It is that easy.

So now that you know how to break the code and enter the Trees’ library, we will leave you here, as we ourselves walk into the Library of Porthologos for our morning of further enlightenment as we access the vast vaults of knowledge in our own library’s retrieval system that we have gleaned from the Stars.

I am Mikos, and I bid you a good day.

(More messages from Mikos can be found in my book: Messages from the Hollow Earth)

Copyright © Dianne Robbins


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