Love is our new reality

Message from Agartha via Inger Noren, October 23d, 2021

We in Agartha via Inger Norén

October 23, 2021


There is great anxiety on Earth and people are so terribly afraid of viruses, vaccines and what is developing more and more in the revelations.

We in Agartha are still very calm and confident that everything is as it should be. We have such confidence in the Divine Plan that is calculated in a way that is for the very good of the people. It is divine and blessed by our Lord to provide the absolute safest development for the planet and which also includes us in the inner kingdoms of the Earth.

We in Agartha are the ones who keep an eye on everything that happens on the Earth’s surface and it concerns nature, humans and wild animals. Much has been devastated and polluted, but this is something that will be remedied by humans themselves and perhaps with a little help from the galactics that are just outside the atmosphere. The earth will be a paradise for all of us. We do not doubt that. However, it will be turbulent for a while when much is exposed to the people about what has happened in this experiment that was necessary for human development.

We want you humans who are our cousins ​​on Earth to know that we are with you and pray for a gentle transition to the fifth dimension and that we look forward to meeting you again as we did long ago. We love and respect you all on the face of the earth.

We in Agartha


Many thanks. In loving service. I am