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Message from El Morya – Consciousnesses that go on “Autopilot” are not headed for the Door of Ascension, May 31st, 2023

Consciousnesses that go on “Autopilot” are not headed for the Door of Ascension.
Message from El Morya.

Greetings, beloved ones, I am El Morya, the guardian of the focus of God’s will for this planet. From our abodes in Mount Shasta, Adama and I want to give you a message of love. Our message is a wake-up call, dear ones, because we know that time is now getting very short for all of you. Adama has described the state of consciousness or attitude that so many precious souls on Earth allow themselves to live in through an “autopilot,” a state of spiritual sleep. In that state, people are not consciously creating their reality, nor are they living their lives according to their souls’ purposes, or the goals they chose before entering this incarnation. Because we love you so very much, it is our great desire to greet you all at the portal from the year 2012, to the fifth dimension.

As we open the portal and roll out the golden carpet for your arrival, it will be joyful for us to welcome you to the Kingdom of Light and Love. What a wonderful and joyful day this will be for us and for you who step through this door! What a happy reunion it will be for us all! A good reception is being prepared. Many tears will be shed on the big day, but this time, dear ones, they will be tears of pure joy and ecstasy. Can you just imagine for a moment, the joy you will experience when you meet in your immortalized body, face to face with those you loved dearly in your present life? You will also meet those you may not remember, but who are souls you were close to and loved just as much in other lifetimes.

They are the ones you have known for millennia, your eternal friends with whom you have incarnated again and again, as well as other members of your soul family who love you so dearly. As we share this information, we already feel the joy and excitement that this wonderful day will bring. Your loved ones are waiting to embrace you with great anticipation. They will all be there at the “door”, dressed in robes of light and glory, waiting to welcome you into their arms as you enter.

As our channel Aurelia Louise receives these words from us, tears stream down her cheeks at the thought of reuniting with the souls of Light who were her parents in this present life, and with other members of her family who made the transition to “other side” during her childhood. As she writes and wipes away her tears, they are also present with her in spirit, watching and sending their love and looking forward with great anticipation to the day of the great reunion. That day will be so wonderful that all of Creation will be watching.

I repeat; it is the most sincere desire of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and your Father/Mother God, to see you all make your way to this Sacred Portal and enter through it. Beloveds, with our great love for you, we in the spiritual hierarchy want to remind you once again that there is an “entry code” to the fifth dimension. You joke in your world that “Saint Peter” stands at the gate of heaven and decides who can enter the kingdom or not.

But my friends, this is no joke here. There is more truth to this than many of you may realize right now. I say this because there is a portal where one has to qualify for entry. I, El Morya, was incarnated as the disciple Peter in the time of Jesus. Now I have become the Chohan and guardian of the first ray of God’s will for the people of Earth. That means I am also the guardian of the portal. God’s will, dear ones, is the first portal one must enter to move forward in the right direction on the spiritual path.

You must be willing to surrender your human ego and your human personality to the will of God, be purified and transformed into the Divine, to walk your true spiritual path. The Divine Will is the first portal. There are six others that you must also qualify for before you reach the fifth dimensional door of your planetary Ascension. To go through this first portal, it is highly recommended that you join my courses in the Inner Planes (while you sleep) or those of my collaborators for God’s will. You must pass my tests while awake before you can proceed to the next portal. Many of you reading this have already passed through this first portal in this or previous lives, and some of you have passed through other portals as well. We regret that a large percentage of humanity is still living their lives on “autopilot”. They have no idea where they are going, why they are incarnated on Earth, nor do they want to know.

They live their lives day by day, without conscious direction, their minds and hearts scattered to the four winds, following the path of least resistance in a spiritual sleep. On the threshold of such a monumental event, one that humanity has waited for and longed for for hundreds of thousands of years, there are still too many precious souls who have not presented themselves to the Counselor of Light at the entrance to the portal that I command. Myself, and my colleague Adama, along with several others, are joining together to see if we can give you another “wake up” call.

If you have not yet made your way to the “God’s Will” portal, we want you to know that it is still possible to catch up, and pass through the other portals “in time” if you choose to do so. It cannot be delayed any longer. You must wake up now and seriously apply spiritual laws in all areas of your lives, and live by the concepts of love day after day. Let go of your fears and preconceived notions about God. Be willing to embrace the truth that you have been avoiding. Become the God you are, right now, by becoming Love in action in everything you think, say and do.

Love is the only shortcut you can use in your ascension process. That is the great key, the love for yourselves, the love for God and the love for all the Kingdoms of the Earth. Love and honor all that breathes the life of the Creator. Let go of all judgment and embrace the risk-free path. With enough love in your heart, you can make it through all the portals to the door of ascension. . . in time.

Rest assured that it will not happen to those who continue to live their lives on “autopilot”. All who arrive at the door of ascension must pass the seven initiations to obtain the codes for ascension, and qualify for the planetary ascension. Each of these seven initiations has seven levels of tests.It used to take several lifetimes of diligent application of the spiritual laws to pass one or more of these initiations.

At this incredibly unique time in Earth’s history, there is an unprecedented dispensation through which any soul with serious and diligent application can achieve this in a few years. I, El Morya, will be there, as the “Saint Per” you know, along with the rest of the spiritual hierarchy and your loved ones to welcome everyone “Back Home”. I am your eternal friend, El Morya.

TELOS Volume 1
Revelations of the New Lemuria
Aurelia Louise Jones
Mount Shasta Light Publishing