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Tim in Agartha via Kjerstin Sisilla, November 18th 2020


Tim in Agartha via Kjerstin Sisilla, November 18th 2020


Beloved sisters and brothers! It is wonderful to be able to communicate with you at this time. This transformative time that both you on the earth’s surface and we in the earth’s inner world, Agartha, have been waiting for so long.

At night, in your dreams, we are reunited and you can see and remember the world as it once was – even on the surface of the earth. Beauty, unity, love and community and above all a life in Joy, in the present. This is what many of you experience in dreams and some of you even in your meditations.

Your contact with Mother Earth, with nature and the animals increases with each passing moment. More of you long for a life close to nature, with natural food and communication with the animals.

(Kjerstin: while Tim is leaving his message, I hear a raven “talking” behind the treetops just out of sight. I hear another raven answer.)

Some of you have close contact with the Earth’s indigenous peoples and thus also with Agartha. Some have experiences or old memories from the various “God stories” such as. the Nordic, Egyptian or Greek mythology. The Yggdrasil tree is also found here and stretches its “branches” up through the earth to try to remind you of other times in Mother Earth’s development history through nature / the trees on the surface. When you seek contact with Yggdrasil, you can ask for the Supreme Best Help to gain insight into or glimpses of this part of human history. You all carry it with you, as well as the contact with Hel’s kingdom where you have all traveled in Hel’s boat on the River of Life (also mentioned as Styx etc.). You call it the realm of the dead, but that is where the transformation takes place, the beginning or rather the continuation of life’s metamorphosis. Understand that you, your beautiful souls, are immortal and that you carry all your Knowledge and Wisdom in your soul forever. Even when you, in different ways and at different times, descended to Earth / Gaia, you had with you great Knowledge from the One Creator.

(Kjerstin: the raven behind the treetops “talks” intensely. I see a blurred image of two ravens communicating with a big man who radiates wisdom and love)

Here in Agartha are all the animals that have fled from the poisoned surface of the earth, the so-called extinct or endangered. Here are indigenous peoples with their deep wisdom, here are the wise witches and shamans. Here are the Elders of the Earth, as well as memories from all your lives, all the events of the earth. EVERYTHING is gathered in the Akasha Chronicle, in the large library that contains all of Gaia’s experiences “in a nutshell”.

(The raven sounds even louder. My heart is pounding wildly and I long so much to see the raven. I hear the intense talk that it flies over the open field below the mountain I am standing on. No matter how I look, I can not see it. … it seems invisible.

Contact with Tim is broken. Thanks Tim and thanks Raven.)




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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