Love is our new reality

Hildegard of Bingen via Kerstin Eriksson, November 13th, 2020

Friday, 13 November 2020

Hildegard of Bingen

I am Hildegard and I love you, I am very old, and yet I learn something new every day.

If you take an oak tree, you can make a boat out of it.

And you can sail all around the world with it and see new places, you can see new land and you can think that you are the first person to ever put your feet on that land.

When you at night look up at the sky, you see the stars of the new land, and you think, no one has ever seen these stars before I did.

Then there is one tiny, very tiny, little detail you have forgotten…!

The oak is very old, and the very seed that became that tree, that you indeed made a boat out of, has a story to tell.

The seed already knew. About the other world. The seed already knew about boats, and the seed knew that when someone came and killed the tree, and made a boat of it, it knew that it was going to sail on a great water.

It actually already had the contact with other oak trees. All around the globe. 

Do you believe me?

Let me say it like this!

Everything is connected, the globe as you live on, is one great magnificent being, 

all – in – one.

The trees are linked always through the water. The water is the same as the dinosaurs drank and older. It is a closed system, the entire world of yours.

You see the separation. You see the waterfront, you see the ocean. You see the land, the hills, mountains and the green grass.

Human make borders, lines, walls.

Human like to separate. To divide. Because it is easier to understand at first. 

All beings of Earth, those that you like to see as separate to your belief, as for instanse the elves, and the trolls and more they never divide or make separate.

They too go to school and learn, but they always learn first about Mother Earth and the whole system that she is. And with this knowledge they can then later be more specific in their work.

The water has a mass-conciousness, a memory that remembers everything. It is in all living beings.

When you say a prayer, you actually talk to your own water.

The water within you is preacious. And it listens to your prayers.

All water is important on this beloved planet, we in heaven see it as sacred, just as we see all life.

So I just say every little seed, already knows a lot more than you can ever understand. 

And we in heaven love you as well as every little seed, because we know that you are all so important.

I love you