Love is our new reality

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Greetings, I Am Your Father Mother Adonai As You Call Me, NebadóN Nebadonia. I always comment on how important this Great Project is to Me and what is to Me this Great Planet, this process, this Planetary Ascension Project, this process of planetary liberation. Because this process of ascension begins with liberation. Releasing that whole control matrix, which has been enslaving them for a long time.
After this release, which will then overlap with the transition part to the new 5D earth site, which you already know, which is an ascension process. The planet ascends together with humanity to another higher frequency and integrates into the great universal time, the synchronization of this universe.
I was telling Pastora that, I would like all the children of Father Mother Adonai to be included in this process of ascension and that no one, no one would be lost. Just as, when a farmer sows, he would like all seeds to germinate, to become fruit, to trees to bear fruit, to give shade, to make everything fruity, to have a happy purpose.
However, my beloved, you know, because the beloved Master Sananda tells you in those times, the parable of the sower. It’s sowing, some seeds fall around the road and birds eat it, others fall on non fertile ground and drown. They fall among thorns and few are the seeds that really fruunt, bear fruit, grow and expand.
This is how it happens, my beloved. In this process not everyone is qualified to be promoted. Because this is a process of its own, individual of each, that deserves, that requires individual effort from each.
It is very good that we create the conditions for everything to be given, but the conditions for everything being given or not being given, is of each individual being. That each being decides within itself whether it wants to work on its ascension process, whether it wants to rise to other higher, more advanced realities or wants to remain in comfort, in control of the previous matrix.
And they stay there in that space. There the seeds drown, get wrapped contaminated with everything and don’t fruit. They wrap themselves in all the control energy that has kept them burdened. They are trapped there and almost no desire to want to let go, because there the subjects feel safe. Maybe they don’t see clearly another road but the one where they have always been.
Many do not know that they are in the cage until they open the door and so the time will come my beloved. That big time will come when the big door will open. But many will prefer to stay, for comfort, for attachment there comfortable, quiet in their great comfort zone, regardless of the process one is living on a planetary level, or the process that requires his being, his soul, to continue his evolutionary journey in this universe.
I say to you beloved children, it would be something so special to me, that all seeds germinate and bear, trees and fruity. But we understand beloved, that it is not so. And I always call all the children who are still in their comfort zone, to get up, to work, to heal. For your soul to be healed, your essence, free from all this bondage you have been subjected to.
I make them this call all the time. I will always do that to her. What else does a Father Mother want for their children? All good, all the best, but if the son does not receive the counsel, or the desires of the Father, he is already free will of every soul, of every being. There are always opportunities. The universe, laws give them opportunities. Maybe this is not your time. In other processes. So many years to go they can apply again. As they say, sign up to do your ascension process.
This is a special, unique opportunity. Right now, it’s a special time for the planet, and for humanity. Therefore I say to you, my children, listen to the call of your Father and Mother. Seek the path of light, seek the path of Truth that leads you to your process of spiritual liberation.
And as beings, I call them all and bless them. Don’t hold your arms crossed, heed the call of your Father Mother Adonai. These are unique, special moments that this universe and this planet lives.
I make this call, there is time, but do it soon my beloved. Connect, wake up. Embrace the Big Plan.
I am His Father Mother Adonai.