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Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, January 23d


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Galactic Federation of Light

JANUARY 23 2016

It requires a strong level of vibrancy to be aboard our Galactic motherships among our highly evolved ascended light beings. Upon 20 days of not being online, I had been briefed through telepathy that I would need to commence to a secret location to meet with my extraterrestrial entourage, that I may be teleported aboard a healing ship for my DNA restructuring and cellular restoration of hidden ailments in stagnant energies caused by cabal probes.  I then did so, in delight, in which our Galactic medical teams then peformed an analysis of my energy field to diagnose lower frequencies within my auric field so that I may be accustomed to the next step in my journey.

just after this short process was completed, I was taken to see Jschwisch Ptaah, the father of Semjase who was with Commander Ashtar, Commander Altros of the Mushaba Nexus and other Masters of the Universe where we then had a celebration of my arrival, with food and off-world nourishment which is unlike anything I had ever had here on Earth. Angelic music played in the background, we danced, and had lovely dining with many magical performances from Masters of the Universe with amazing abilities and skills which most definately blew my mind.  Upon the end of it all, I returned to my normal Earth life, back to pretending to be human. I was told that I was needed here on the surface and that a time would come where I would stay and live amongst my extraterrestrial family to assume my role as Commander, and that my throne amongst the stars is indeed as a king.  I was told that I am a great and revered leader, recognized throughout galaxies and within the universe, like Commander Ashtar and Sananda, where Earth would come to know our 144.000 collective alliance in due time.



JANUARY 23 2016

Global contact with humanity is an imminent event which is to take place shortly. Thank you for inviting us in your numbers amongst your civilization of humans to reveal who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. We share with you accounts about why we come here to your world: to assist this species in evolving from its dense state of being into a higher consciousness. This time of celestial cycle calls for the Earth, along with its inhabitants, to spiritually evolve from human ways into a cosmic unification within a higher dimensional way of being to our true nature as multidimensional beings.


JANUARY 23 2016

It is important to know that with the increasing activity of incoming energies spiraling from the great grand Galactic Sun through the Central Sun system, the intense wave of incoming energies in high frequencies have allowed an ongoing activation of light portals through celestial events. These take place through plantery alignments in conjunction with the cosmic astrological calender. With these energetic portals of light now active, this has allowed an increased level of consciousness to blossom on Earth with many awakening in their numbers in this now to their multidimensional nature.


The light and vibrational frequency of the Earth is at an exponential quotient in this now. With how fast the Earth is vibrating in this now, the high wave amounts of energy resonating are at an unquantifiable rate. This has allowed the etheric and physical realms to interact as one. This is why Ascended Masters and many various extraterrestrials and Angels, higher dimensional beings, are present on Earth to openly greet humanity during this blessed and auspicous Golden age into the 5th dimension and higher. This is why many are witnessing orbs, being contacted, awakening into their higher conscious nature, with many awakening to their abilities which have been dormant and are now being activated.

With the continuation of these celestial events in place, an acclimation of energies that was required for our Galactic Federation of Light in its entirety to appear in their millions in your skies has been reached. This has allowed us to show more of our light ships decloaked in preparation for our near encounter as we meet you on the surface in an approaching time where we will openly interact with you and share with you all accounts of Earth, along with the importance we share in coming here. This will happen in order, after n.e.s.a.r.a has been officially, globally, set in place. Arrests continue to take place for those who served the cabal agenda in the enslavement of all humanity, which are serious crimes against humanity. We have the planet surrounded with 13.000.000 vessels, so the planet is indeed more than protected. We have huge motherships which are too large to enter into your orbit. This would cause panic were we to just hover above Gaia 800 to a 1000 miles. These ships are totally independent and conscious in nature. There is, indeed, much we will share with you upon our meeting.

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