Special Message: Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, 5 January 2021

Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, 5 January 2021


It is very likely that we will shock the people with this message, but we in the Galactic Federation of Lights still want to make this revelation, which it actually is about. The people of the United States above all are and have been very exposed to great fraud and conspiracies by the rulers of the country. Unfortunately, most Americans have not understood the connection with their difficult and destructive lives due to how controlled they are by those in power in the country.

The leaders of the Democratic Party above all have and are of a different agenda than the Republican Party. There have been purely criminal methods on the Democrats’ agenda to win this election, but President Trump has nevertheless tried to mitigate their incredible and very large-scale fraud against the people. The biggest lies have been to get the people to agree to simply contribute themselves to their own difficulty in their lives. To increase segregation in the country in order to divide as many as possible in the population and incite war between the various peoples in the country.

With this conspiratorial behavior, much of American society has been impoverished and weakened compared to other countries. The big industrial companies have kept virtually the entire American economy in a grip that people cannot control or protest against. The banks are completely in the hands of these companies and it is very difficult for individuals to assert their rights in this regard. These companies include the economy, the medical industry, the agricultural and marine industries, among others. People, stand up and say no and refuse to accept more lies that everything is fine with the food, the air, the oceans and the earth. That the food is completely free of toxins is pure lie. The air has less oxygen than ever, and the oceans are so full of garbage, waste from industry and that exterminates many species in the oceans from all poison. This is not something that can continue. These people, beings who control your industries, companies and the entire infrastructure must be removed from this planet once and for all, but then you humans must be aware of this and really want a change in your entire ecosystem.

By allowing this to continue, you will eventually be like in the third world with a shortage of food, medicine, housing and unemployment. This is not acceptable in a country like the United States. Segregation has never been as high as it is now and the division between people is greater than ever. The criminal part is also a large part of this difficult and increasingly unsustainable situation that prevails in the country. This huge drug industry of all kinds has had enormous consequences all over the world. Many of these drugs come from those countries that have low economies and do not have the resources to resist the drug dealers who demand more and more of what can be taken from nature or produced in large laboratories.

Even this large industry, the rulers of the country have not been able to have any control over or did not want to because it is a lot of money that they themselves have benefited from in various contexts. All industries are involved in the illegal drug trade, especially in medicine. Although some substances have a healing effect if treated properly, too much has been produced with harmful or even lethal effects on humans. This industry has a very dangerous effect on whole families and especially on the children.

With those in power whose agenda it is only to gain benefits in greater fortunes and greater power with all the methods they can resort to, as has been shown in the American election, and they are still trying by all means to keep up with deceptions and lies to convince the people of the country that everything is as it should be. You humans must begin to see this with your own eyes. Poverty has never been as high as it is now and there have never been so many people who have become richer in their fortunes. This must be evened out. You humans must put an end to this and it is you who are trapped in this fraud. To dare to see and to dare to speak out in this completely wrong system for very many people in the United States is to dare to protect each other throughout the world. In fact, the situation in the United States is affecting the whole world. The incumbent president has many sides that many find difficult because he is a person who says what he thinks about this difficult and dangerous system that prevails in the country. He dares to speak out and he has done everything in his power to alleviate things as much as possible for the people who have had the most difficulty.

People, open your eyes and you will see what is happening in your country. In this time of shut-downs, you have really had the opportunity to go into yourself and also had a chance to see how everything works in your life. Do you really want to continue in this way with insecurity and difficult conditions in work in housing and for the children’s lives in the future. This year will continue in the same way as in 2020 and there will be more shutdowns due to several different viruses. There is a reason for this and when people are no longer afraid of these viruses, they will disappear. There will be a time of much turbulence between different groups of people and also closures of store chains. Unfortunately, this is a war between light and darkness and you have already seen the effects of this, but you should know that light has won. You are moving towards a brighter future and a new world.

The Galactic Federation of Lights Many thanks.

In loving service. I AM





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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