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Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio, August 10th, 2020


Galactic Federation of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Legions of light are surrounding you dear child and every child on earth in this moment on the cusp of the major transition from darkness into light. For many are walking among you albeit out of sight. This is the Galactic Federation of Light and we are welcoming you into the fold tonight. There is much to share and so much wisdom we can impart but for now just know that our light and our arms are enfolding you dear child.

The universe is a wide open space, an infinite canvas on which to create and the beginning is just now happening – a fresh start, brand new world opening up. It is yours to create. We are waiting for you to step forward with your paint, your brush and your infinite light – lending your voice to the human angelic tribe. We are watching for the light to appear, we can see you walking en masse and yet still a distance away. We are calling out to you, sending you signs of what is ahead but alas you are not there yet.

But you are close and the door is open now and some of you will be arriving very shortly. We can see your individuated forms breaking free from the group and your light is shining and moving forward. There are so many secrets to share. So many legions watching you, waiting to make contact with you. Despite what you have been told, it is not us that will appear in your world, it is you that are walking across the divide into ours – out of the matrix of time and into the universal fold of the new that you will create. You are taking down the dividers / the walls of illusion built around you and then suddenly you will see what / who has already and always been around you. For we have always been in your world, but you shut us off / cut off contact, but now you are rising up. And so ‘first contact’ will not come from us, it has already been coming from us, as soon as you can see, it will be coming from you. You are walking toward us, out of the matrix of separation and into the realms of love.

We welcome you dear ones.

We are waiting.

Keep on walking toward us. There are so many of us that want to connect with you, to be acknowledged by you. For we have been waiting for you. Not you for us but us for you. We cannot wait for you to arrive, to cross the heavenly divide and to welcome our world into your hearts and minds.

Blessings dear child – we are waiting for you.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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