Love is our new reality

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Galactic Federation of Light via Lynne Rondell, November 5th, 2020

Living with Love | Galactic Federation of Light via Lynne Rondell

Channel Lynne Rondell


I am coming back to this beautiful Wednesday with another channeling. This one’s going to be from the galactic federation of light but tonight i asked if they could talk about love because i feel it’s so needed on this planet right now. So they did agree, so they’re calling this one « living with love ».

Here we go.


We’re on the galactic federation of light, we’re so pleased this channeler does want to speak about love as she does feel it’s necessary. It’s necessary on this planet has everyone is going through such hard times, we’re going to say and things look bleak but we want to assure you that they are not as they seem and you will roll right through this.

We are 9 of the 12 councils of the galactic federation of light and we’re coming through this channel. We’re on the 12th dimension as well. She suggests things once in a while and if we find that it is appropriate we do bring through messages. A lot of times though we’re bringing through messages through her that we feel that are very pertinent for humanity.

This message is living with love and this is the message we’re going to bring through. It’s all about going back to your heart, going into the heart space, going back to, we’re going to say almost retreating back to, retreating within and going within the heart and really looking at life through the eyes of love, looking at life through the eyes of non-judgment, looking through life of the eyes of compassion, looking at life from the eyes of peace and really looking at life from the eyes of fairness for all and from the eyes of letting everyone have their peace, letting everyone have their journey, letting everyone speak their truth which is not going to necessarily be your truth.

It may be very far from your truth but the message we’re trying to bring across with this channeling, with this channeler is love everyone, be peaceful to everyone, know that everyone has a different journey than you have, know everyone’s road may be a lot more difficult than yours or it may be an easy journey but until you put your feet into their shoes and see what they’re really going through with their background and all the trauma they’ve had you can’t really judge another.

Everyone’s going to have different views and different feelings. You have to just hold them in love, you have to know that the journey to the fifth dimension is not one of duality, it’s not one of separation, it’s not one of it’s either black or white. It’s one of acceptance and it’s one of accepting all humans on this planet plane for who they are.

It’s something that has been difficult for humans in the past, it’s something that if you’re not what they think you should be or you think differently or you think out of the box or you live out of the box then you are judged but going to the fifth dimension means you’re going to look at everyone as the same and a certain way, you’re gonna treat everyone with fairness, you’re gonna treat everyone with love, you’re gonna treat everyone with compassion and you’re gonna treat Mother Earth with love and compassion as well.

Going to the fifth dimension and in love and in your hearts means you feel love for everything, you feel a bond with everything as well and that includes the animals, everything on Mother Earth and you don’t hold people accountable for your judgment, you let them have their truth.

You have to let people have their truth even if it’s much different than your truth. You can still hold a space for them and say i may not agree but it is okay that you have your truth. So this is living in love, this is living with love, this is living as a higher dimensional being, this is living with the knowing that even though people are different, you are all one in the same, in a very wide spectrum you are all of the same light, you are all one and the same.

This channeling is about learning to love what you don’t like learning to love those that are very different, learning to accept things that aren’t just the way you want them or learning to accept people that aren’t just the way you want them to be and learning to take a step back, go into your heart center and come forward compassionately.

When you come forward at people with compassion and non-judgment you’re living in love you’re with living with love and you’re living within knowing that even though they’re not like you they’re still lovable, everyone on this planet is lovable. We love all of you, we love everything on this planet, we even love those that are playing their dark games out, we love them as well. We know that in time they will go to the light, we know that in time they will switch and they will see their mistakes, we love all of you

If you can find it in your heart, in this rocky time we’re going through because November is going to be quite rocky. You do have a lot of solar flares coming forward too that are going to help push all of you forward but it’s going to be a bit of a rocky time. If you can just sit back into your heart center, into your heart, into the non-judgment and you can react from that. Let people have their say, let people think a certain way. If it’s not like you, it is all right. It doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. It’s your truth that counts but everyone else has allowed their truth as well.

This actually centers you into your heart. It not only centers you into your heart but as this channeler knows very well, it centers you into grace and for when you are in grace and centered in grace you, let everything be, you don’t judge, you send love out, you live compassionately and compassionately for all that is on Mother Earth.

This channeler was right in wanting to bring through a message about love. Love is all there really is. Us in the higher collective of light, we all live in our hearts, we live in compassion, we live in grace and the most important thing we live in is being of service to others. For being of service to others really heightens our sense of love, it heightens our frequency and vibration and it just makes us feel better.

Something to think about. We thank this channeler for wanting to speak of love. It is so necessary on your planet. We are the galactic federation of light. We are nine of the 12 councils but we’re about 4 000 wonderful beings of light speaking through this channeler. We hope this message resonates with all of you. Share this message, we feel it is a very divine message to get out to as many as you can. We’re sending you such love as your keepers and your protectors, we’re sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you galactic federation of light and i really thank you for speaking about love. I felt it was so necessary with everything going on on the planet so i hope you all like this message from the galactic federation of light. I look forward to channeling many more messages through. I’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings