Love is our new reality

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Galaxygirl ~ Eclipse Energies, April 10, 2024

Galaxygirl ~ Eclipse Energies

Greetings friends. I am here with you. My energies have been felt and will be felt for some time. For I am all around you. I am the energies of the 4/8/2024 eclipse here with you now. Welcome yourself into my embrace and know that after my presence is made known nothing will be as it was before.

The dark ones are trying to harness my energy. My energy, my presence is not one to be harnessed but to be welcomed, observed, and honored. I am that I am, just as you are that you are, human ones in form, the great ones who came from the future to this present to mitigate change.

I am the energies of change, of revolution, of evolution of self; from service to self to service to all. When we serve the all then truly only then is the self served, for all are served, and as all are one, this energy of effervescent flow is more readily understood.

You may greet me in your skies on the morrow with great joy and reverence.  Reverence not for myself but for yourself, for you are within the human form; a great honor.  And you are witnessing me, which is bearing witness to the greatness of yourself.

You are all great.  Every one of you is Source in form. It is time to renew the energies of this realm that has been changed and downplayed from base 12 to base 10, for it is not a renewable place where you are.  This is part of the problem, and why your energies have been consistently siphoned away from yourself, away from the trueness of yourself to the deception and the greed.

I perhaps speak in riddles, and that is for you to unravel; yet there is great love behind these words that I wish for you to feel. My energy is both feminine and masculine, the divine balance of the whole, for my energies will bring about a rebalancing of mankind and womankind into humankind.

It is time for you all to rise up and claim your power. Claim your sexuality. Claim your wisdom. Claim your strength. There is nothing weak about you aside from the lies that you have been told about yourselves. My energies of this are true, of [taking] sustenance in truth and wisdom.  Much truth is coming to the surface.

Truth and understanding will be increased manyfold. The monoliths are aligned with me. They are harmonizing the crystals while I am harmonizing the hearts of the humans, who are perhaps a little more open than they were a bit ago. The great opening of the human heart is what is occurring;  before, people were shoving and pushing in a crowd to get to the front.  Now, there will be more of an energy of offering assistance so that all will benefit from the experience.

There are instances of premeditated plans to hijack my energies. Do not succumb to this timeline, for you choose your timeline. Choose the awakening with joy and ease timeline. And yet, from all timelines, there will be the revealing of greed and of malice  perpetrated towards the people.  That is how it is, and this is what will change as the people demand.

I am the energies of the Eclipse of 4/8/2024

I see you.  As my plasma light codes are heightened, and as the ring of fire fills the energies of the entire planet ~ know that all is well. Source is in control of this project, which is why you are here. Have you ever thought of that? That perhaps this was a difficult task and you were needed? A Great Honor.

I honor you with my energies just as you honor me and the collective with yours. There have been and will continue to be many eclipse pathways, but none will be like me, for I am unique and individuated as I am the cross over from Pisces to Aquarius, from pre-ascensions to pre-illuminations…and this is a glorious thing.

This one is sitting in the sun as she types, and my energies are permeating her being, for there I am. There are many high level beings upon and around your world, cocooning it with light, as it should be for such an auspicious event to unfold.

The awakening of a planetary realm where all will have the ability to choose…it is a great event and a time of great contemplation and movement. Movement forward and closer to Source is the movement that will be sweeping across this planetary realm.

I am balanced, whole. I send you my light energies of joy, of balancing, of sexual energy, of power, of renewal. All will be made known. All will be made clear. You will have the mental prowess and spiritual alacrity to perceive with great wisdom so that you can no longer be deceived. This is part of the ascension process, being able to truly see with clear vision. And you will.

The demons that have been unleashed are simply trying to create more havoc, for the soul of a human is a valuable one. Do not let them in your house. Do not let them in your awareness. Command them to leave you, and they must. Do not be afraid. There are many scare tactics in the works, but none of them are true in that only Source is true.

You have been living in an immersive holographic matrix, and so, the truth has been twisted.

Know that all is most well, and that ascension cannot be stalled, cannot be stopped, cannot be rerouted, cannot be re-timelined. No. Ascension is here within the hearts of those who will receive it, and offered to the hearts that will refuse it, but here nonetheless. And so it is.

It is a great honor to connect with the galactics and light workers / masters on the surface of Earth just before my true arrival. I welcome you with my open heart, and I receive the light codes of glory given to me, bestowed to me, just as they are freely bestowed to you, my friends, my dear ones.

I am. Peace. All is most illuminated and all is most well.