Love is our new reality

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Father Absolute – Two Realities (With Home Memory), April 10th, 2024


dve-realnosti-s-pamyatyu-o-domeHello, my dear beloved children!

Today I want to tell you about those rare souls who remember their origins and who consciously come into contact with their Star Families throughout their earthly lives.

These are the few who were born with an unblocked memory of their House – the civilization from which they came to Earth.

But it is they who are the most difficult to be on your planet, not only because of the huge difference in their native vibrations and those in which they find themselves, but also because of the duality of this world in which they have to live.

As a rule, souls who remember their origin are embodied on Earth from very high dimensions, and they decide to take such a risky step because of the great Love for people.

These are the most courageous souls who, like in a whirlpool, dive into a three-dimensional world, so unpredictable and dangerous.

Their memory of their origin on the one hand facilitates their existence in it, and on the other hand, it greatly complicates it.

It makes it easier because they know about the transience of this incarnation from the point of view of a creature that came to Earth from a civilization in which space and time simply do not exist.

And it complicates because the long stay in the unipolar world of Harmony and Unconditional Love has already so entered their flesh and blood that the dual thinking of the inhabitants of the Earth is too painful for them.

And yet they have to play by the rules of the three-dimensional world so as not to seem like a white crow against the background of their surroundings.

They feel like scouts in the camp of the enemy, whom they need to outwit, based on their experience of living in another dimension.

But, unfortunately, this experience does not always help them, the difference in the mentality of these souls and people of the three-dimensional world is too great.

And to survive in this world is helped by their constant interaction with their Star Family, which leads them through life and insures them against both physical and moral dangers.

As a rule, priests of their native civilizations work with such souls, who are able not only to see the different timelines of their “wards”, but, if necessary, also to move them from one line to another.

As a result of their work on a thin plan, such a person can physically die on one timeline and immediately be reborn on another – and at the same age and the same guise, but with a different biography.

So far, it is difficult for you to comprehend, but in the inhabitants of the higher dimensions, this practice is quite widespread and allows them to perform the most risky missions.

And one of their missions is to embody the third dimension on Earth to help people transition to the fifth dimension in their physical bodies.

We will stop there today.

The Father-Absolute, who loved you immeasurably, spoke to you