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“Game Over” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Tuesday – August 1, 2017

“Game Over” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Tuesday – August 1, 2017

Received via email at 9:17 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Must admit — tonight’s intelligence batch threw me into existential crisis:

– RV is game over. Activating.
– General Kelly overseeing RV security from the situation room with the bank chairmen and Elders.
– Paul Ryan’s family staying in undisclosed overseas military base during the entire House recess/RV private redemption period.
– 24 hour release protocols started @ midnight August 1st and are quickly completing.

Then I thought to myself, “self, what in the world will you do with yourself post RV?”

Seriously, this endless odyssey has consumed all my free time. You could make a novel out of my freaking SIT-REPS, Op-Eds, and Geopolitical Overviews.

And anybody who didn’t redeem would not believe a single word. So surreal. Madness.

I even know the subtle time differences between Dubai and Baghdad, London and Moscow, Beijing and New Zealand.

What useless skill sets I’ve acquired.

As author Malcom Gladwell stated in one of his prolific books, I’ve spent 10,000+ hours becoming an expert at this one thing–which now ends abruptly–and ironically makes me 100% unemployable everywhere else in the world.


We need a place to gather and share old war stories. Showme, can you figure something out please on-line?

Some place to connect and reconnect with other Human Angels searching for meaning in a post-RV apocalypse world?

Seriously, who in our 3-D, tight wad, miserable families dare relate to us after the RV? Answer: No one but children and you guys!

Does this event frighten anyone else but me? Because I’m frozen in anxiety sitting still here on my porch as the bugs eat me alive.

I just don’t care. I hold ZIM. The world is saved. There is no money. Or basis for stimulating conversation with my immediate circles of influence.

Imagine exchanging and suddenly we leave the redemption facility without any fear of money or sustenance for endless generations… and we become instantly isolated in the complete oblivion of utter benevolence.

I’m upsetting myself now. Shit gets real even for old Yosef. Ouch these f—ing mosquitos have teeth I swear!!!

We need a gathering spot. A digital safe house where we can share what we are all collectively going through post RV in this endless odyssey of an experience–that we thought ended with stupid “digits.”

Cause the RV is just the beginning of potential pure insanity!

Nobody else would even come close to understanding what has happened to me but the 5,000 people listening to the Clarion Calls or 50,000 reading Dinar Chronicles daily.

Imagine speaking freely at a dinner party about Dracos and Drachmas, DNA and Dinars, Dave Schmidt and Dinar Detectives?

Don’t even get me started on addressing Trump. Game over when that red rover comes up as you all know my issues with that gender malevolent/benevolent contradiction.

So confusing. Excuse my emotional hiccup. Sobeit, right? Right.

God is with us.