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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, July 30th, 2017

The battle intensifies. There are no limits to which the Cabal will not stoop in order to hold on to power. This is becoming obvious even to the most sceptical of you. They see the human race as low life scum that must be removed from the Earth. They look down on you. Yet they use you to do their dirty work for them and they pay you to kill your own kind. Sadly, there are enough of you who are willing to do this for them. Think for a moment about those of you who were paid to set up 9/11 and 7/7, and other such events. You have all had time to ponder the enormity of what was done. How many pieces of silver were they paid to kill their own? How can those individuals live with what they are guilty of? They were being used and they are still being used. Their loyalty should be to their own kind.

Your world is becoming overrun with clones. These are easily produced in factories that specialise in their production. You have all seen Hillary Clinton’s clone in action. Ask yourselves what country are you not allowed to investigate or question. They have created barriers all around themselves that you are not allowed to penetrate. What else are they hiding? Check this out for yourselves. It’s a very interesting phenomenon. They were made to fool you and hold the Cabal in power.

As she lay in bed last night, Veronica was shown the Church, babies, and young children. We brought to her attention what is being done. THE CHURCH IS HARVESTING THE ENERGY OF THE CHILDREN. THEY USE THIS TO TRAP ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD. This entrapment means that they must return to the Earth again and again to serve the Church. It is criminal.

They take them as babies at baptism, and again at 7 years old at first holy communion. The church is harvesting this beautiful energy so that it can be used against you. Did you agree to this? It is your duty to demand that all that energy is given back for the use of humanity. The harvesting of innocent souls for evil purposes is despicable and must be stopped. The children’s families lead their children like lambs to the slaughter, totally blind to what they are actually doing.

I have pointed out many times that when souls enter the world, the Cabal checks to see if they have a mission to fulfil. If they have, then everything possible is done to kill them, in order to prevent them from fulfilling their purpose. In the case of Veronica, the Greys showed themselves to her when she was a year old. She was terrified. This resulted in terrible nightmares all through her childhood. At two years old, she was put in a freeze condition. It took three weeks to get her out of it and she still has attacks to this day. This was done again at five years and at 16. At the age of 6, they put something into her spiritual body to stop her. They did it again at 21 years old. At 65 years old, they severed her energy connection between her heart and her circulatory system. I lived through this with her. Many nights I held her as the tears flowed from me. I did not want to lose this love that was so precious to me. I have had to watch my dear wife endure two more attempts to take her soul recently. It is only with our help, and the help of a few devoted friends, that she has managed to survive.

I tell you now that the young man who is locked up in jail in America had to endure the same attacks as a child. He, too, struggled against the odds to survive, in order to serve humanity. What is being done to him is criminal. Please create the energy necessary for justice to prevail, so that he and my dear wife can do what needs to be done for the survival of us all.

Other forms of attack occur regularly, such as yesterday when the computer would not connect to the internet; it took nearly four hours for the engineer to fix the problem. Her mobile phone would not work. When she needed to print something, the paper became jammed in the printer. When she cooked dinner, it was not edible and had to be discarded. On days like this, she cannot even boil water, as it is prevented. She decided to watch the television for a while, but it too would not work. There are also constant problems with the car. They draw her energy from her until she is left helpless. The young man in jail called her last evening, so she told him what was happening to her. HE TOLD HER THAT EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING TO HIM FOR YEARS. He thought he was going out of his mind, so he did not tell anyone. This shocked Veronica.

These attacks are done by using a special programme that is directed at the young man and Veronica. It is done through hacking. It is being done to many others too. Does learning about this help you to understand just what you are up against? Those within the Cabal do not have a conscience They destroy everything that gets in their way. Do not wait until they come knocking on your door before you take action. Action is needed now.

Wake up before it is too late. Step off the Cabal’s treadmill. Look around you and see for yourself what is being done to keep you trapped in servitude. Look at those who are pulling the strings. They all have one thing in common. Can you see what it is? Ask yourselves how can this be? Are the 99% so stupid? Black magic was used to trick you into trusting them. All the ancient rituals of black magic are used in their secret societies to keep control of humanity. Look at them as they strut around in their ridiculous paraphernalia; parasites living off human misery. It is the energy of your suffering that gives them their power.

Protect the good energy that is being released. It is your lifeline. Connect with nature whenever possible and use its energy to energise you and yours. Waking up is never easy but it must be done. It enables you to create a new reality in which the only aim is to create peace and harmony. Everything negative will be removed without trace. Our plans are great and our two worlds will unite to enable this to happen.

You need this young man to be set free so that our plans can be completed. Take courage, my friends, you can do it.

My dear, I know that you feel alone. I am with you in spirit. What both you and he are enduring on behalf of humanity is too much at times. When enough people use their energy to restore justice, it will happen.

I am proud of you, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
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