Love is our new reality

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, December 27th

Though you may not see it clearly, you made great progress in 2015. In spite of the effort of religion and State to keep you under their control, many of you bravely stepped into the light, refusing to be cowered into submission. Now you see clearly how everything that, in the past you had accepted and trusted, is all part of the Great Plan to remove humanity from the Earth. You were encouraged to be instrumental in your own destruction. How EVIL is that? You willingly put on their uniforms, killed for them. You destroyed sacred places and objects that had survived for a reason, so that man would learn who he is and his true history. The Cabal wants all evidence of humanity removed from the Earth. The mind-controlled amongst you are happily doing this for them. They proudly show off their medals, their rewards for destroying humanity. How sick is that? The moment you put on their uniform, whether Army or Police, you lose your humanity. You become robots who obey those you serve.

Through meditation, you can connect with your higher selves, to find your strength. Many from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria returned to Earth to ensure you do not make the same mistakes they once made. Connect with their meditation or simply do whatever works for you. The Cabal has ensured that you are bombarded by mind-control every moment of your lives, through the use of language, symbols, “music”, education. Unless you live in a remote, undiscovered place, where all the trappings of modern life do not exist, you are fighting a battle with the control system. Until you can see it clearly, you do not stand a chance. Once you awaken to it, IT LOSES ALL ITS POWER OVER YOU AND YOU ARE FREE. Then you see those who impose their will on you, forcing you to live as caged animals, too scared to step out of line. You wonder how the human race could have come to this sorry state. You, yes each one of you reading this, knows in his heart that you are on Earth to make the necessary changes for humanity to take back control, to ensure that humanity continues to live life on Earth. Those who do not belong on Earth can leave unhindered. Those who wish to ask for forgiveness, who pledge to serve and assist humanity to restore the quality of life for all, can do so. When all the illness that the Cabal has manufactured in its laboratories and imposed on humanity no longer exists, life will become easier. The Cabal destroyed the quality of life for all humans. All this will stop. They are finding it harder to impose their vile medication and vaccinations on an awakening humanity. The power lies with the 99% and they know it. Come together and make 2016 the year that corruption in all its many forms is removed from Earth. Do not assist their FALSE FLAG operations, or their propaganda. FREEDOM is your goal.

Veronica, you need to conserve your strength. Much is expected of you. 2016 is Ireland’s year to complete what was started in 1916. COMPLETE FREEDOM, NOTHING LESS. Freedom from State and a religion that had such an evil stranglehold on Ireland. When Ireland is free, then all of humanity will be free, never again to be raped by banks or religion. Be brave, my Irish friends, you are almost there. Your future is in your hands.

We surround you with our love, my dear, to counteract the evil attacks. You know without doubt we are on the right track.

Always, your adoring, Monty.