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Ashtar via Susan Leland, December 28th

December 28 2015

“I have heard you say over and over how light filled Obama is …..I just don’t understand how you can claim he is the light.”

Ashtar:  The violent and greedy actions you have mentioned – and which we do not give energy to by repeating them here – are indeed most difficult to comprehend, unless you understand that they are being perpetrated by a large number of dark hats, not by President Obama himself.

This is all according to their programs and plans to completely take over the World, and these third dimensional situations are coming to an end!

Obama’s role is to put the Light upon them, so that Humanity can understand the Truth of what has been going on in the World.  He has prepared diligently for this, and remains true to his Mission, despite daily attempts to assassinate him and his family.

He is the ninth member of the Syrian Council of 9, and is mentored by Lord Morya.  

One thing more about the U.S. Presidency – there are many levels above this office which were created by the dark hats many years ago, and the President is very often not even told what is happening.  An example of this is the secret space program, although Obama does know about it – he was taken to Mars when he was 18, but he left, once he saw what it was about.” 

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