Love is our new reality

Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, January 3d

“In the final analysis, it is the ELITE HOUSES who have constructed the PARASITICAL SYSTEM: A GLOBAL PRISON, a prison without bars. No one can explain the DECEPTION logically. How can anyone explain a DELUSION that is so POWERFUL and OMNIPRESENT, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MOST PEOPLE TO FATHOM ?

One of the jailers mocks, “It is only the small secrets that need protection. The BIG ONES PROTECT THEMSELVES BY PUBLIC INCREDULITY.”



“Let us not forget that anything that the PARASITAL ELITE wishes to destroy, they first DEMONISE. Think for yourself.”

“The final piece of the puzzle slots into place and completes the Ancient Cipher, encoded by the Mystery Schools, to reveal for the first time ever, the surprising location of the EARTH’S KINGDOM OF OSIRIS = ATLANTIS, THE BIRTHPLACE OF WESTERN CIVILISATION; IT IS IRELAND, LAND OF THE PHARAOHS.”

Veronica: Monty guided me, once again, to “IRELAND LAND OF THE PHARAOHS” by ANDREW POWER.
There is so much in that book that is relevant to our awakening.

My dear, 2016 will be a year of action. You can no longer sit back and allow your world to be taken from you and humanity, to be wiped out. To comprehend what you must do today, you must look at the past, at how and when everything was changed and humans became mere slaves to your oppressors. You can now see clearly who your oppressors are, and the method used to hold you in darkness, helpless and totally controlled. Your eyes are open to the methods used to enslave you. Now you must act together to say, “We do not consent to your take-over of our world.”

They cannot do it without your consent and assistance. Do not give another penny to support RELIGION, as there is no truth in what they preach. Refuse to de deceived by religion for one moment longer. The moment you release yourselves from the domination of Church and State, you become a free spirit, able to see the truth for the first time. It is truly liberating.

Your light will shine brightly and attract others to you. FREEDOM is your God-given right. What you see all around you, is actually a product of FALSIFICATION and FANTASY that you foolishly bought into. In 2016, you have the power to banish all those who do not belong on Earth and who have strived to imprison the minds of humanity to enslave you. You live in a beautiful world that you are blind to. You are all victims of mind-control; otherwise ask yourselves how you could possibly have voted for those who kill your fellow man and make life on Earth a struggle to survive. You obediently vote for those who put chemicals in the air you breath, the water you drink, and the food you eat, and who, through corrupt banking, control every moment of your lives.

You can so easily take back control of your lives. Stop paying HOMAGE to those who make life on Earth almost impossible for so many. It does not matter for whom you vote, as they all obey your oppressors. It is time to take back control and restore peace. It can be done. There are four politicians in Ireland now who are taking action. They want TRUTH. Support them, as they speak their minds. By their actions, you will know them. You have a responsibility to choose the right people to take things forward.

How I would love to be on Earth right now, knowing what I know from this side of life. You need to have the courage to stand up for yourselves, and to refuse to KILL or support the destruction of your world. The PARASITES will leave when you tell them to go. You have suffered enough at their hands. The struggle to survive on Earth will STOP, the moment you come together and stop it. It is in your hands. Information is flowing from all directions, opening your eyes, and showing you clearly what was done to hold you captive. You, and only you, can set yourselves free. We can and will assist you, but first you must desire FREEDOM from your oppressors, and you must be prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve it. You would need to be blind, deaf, and dumb, not to see what is being done to destroy humanity. Be assured, they will come for you, when they wish to destroy your part of the world. They show no mercy. Look at the slaughter being carried out in front of your eyes. It cannot be condoned. It is time to tell them, “I will not be part of the destruction of humanity. I refuse to assist you to achieve your EVIL PLAN. Make this your resolution for 2016.

My dear, life is extremely difficult. They do not want minds to open to the truth. You and your ilk are being battered unmercifully.

Go forward in the knowledge that you will succeed in the end, though the road is rocky just now.

My love and support is yours, always. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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