Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Susan Leland, December 22nd

Sananda: Celebrate Peace on Earth – It is Assured!!!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – December 22, 2015


     “Greetings, Beloved Family!  I, Sananda, stand before you with such Love in my Heart for you that it overflows!  And I only ask that you allow yourselves to open your Hearts and your minds to feel it, to join with me in what I call the True, Holy Communion. For it is the joining of our loving energies, that coming together in our Oneness in the LoveLight, which brings us together into these Higher Realms, where we can meet each other and meet that part of you which is always here!  You can call it the Realms of Light, or Heaven, or Higher Dimensions, however you choose. It is so special to be here with you, to be in this Oneness of Love with you, where there is only Love and all that Love gives birth to!  The only empowerment here is that of Love and all of the High Vibrations. There is no sorrow here; there is no pain, no anger – nothing that is of fear because fear simply cannot come here!!!

     “You, Beloved Ones, are in the process of transitioning so as to be a permanent presence in the Higher Realms, so as to freely leave the third dimension – but taking your beloved bodies with you! And we understand that these transformational transmutations can be a bit difficult at times.  So many energies are coming to assist you, but it is all according to the very plan that you yourselves made when you first came into your bodies – yes, your very first human experience!  And it was to transition into the realms that were not so bright with Light.  It was to come and BE THE LIGHTS lest the World forget – lest the World forget that there is a place that has mostly been called Heaven or Nirvana, and also many other names.

     “Humanity as a whole has, at times, forgotten that this is where all of you originated from in the very beginning.  And so you have kept these Lights in your Hearts!  In some lifetimes you have broadcast, or radiated, these Lights more than in others, but you have always been beings with the LoveLight in your Hearts.  And we see you shining so bright – brighter than you have in any other of your lifetimes – because you are all here and because we are here with you, united in Communion, to be in service as we have done before, and to bring the World together into this Light, so that all may enjoy the radiance, the bliss and all that this LoveLight offers to everyone – no exceptions!!!

     “And so as I have said I stand before you, and in My Blessing to you, I kneel at your feet in honor that you are here, that you have come to participate, and for you to understand that I see each and every one of you as Holy, as Sacred, as God and Goddess in your own right!  Individual personalities, of course, you have, just as you have individual karma, experiences and attitudes, personalities upon your lifelines – your timelines – on Planet Earth, but it is that We Are One.  And therefore, Your Light and My Light are One.  And in that Oneness we are indistinguishable. We Are LoveLight!!!  And so while it may seem a bit difficult to reconcile in your own minds the fact that you are individual and yet a part of this great Love energy – well, just open your Hearts and you’ll know it!  And that is all you need do!

     “If you would teach someone else, bring in this LoveLight energy and let them feel it.  Sometimes, then the words are unnecessary.  Use your telepathic capabilities and send it out everywhere.  I am sending it to you through the hands of this one whose Voice I use.  Allow it to come into you and feel our Oneness!

     “Now, there has been much said over the centuries about Peace On Earth.  And there had been many attempts. I came to teach Peace On Earth, to inspire Peace On Earth when I came in the body of Yeshua.  I am here to do the same now.  For what has happened in 2,000 years – if you look at the way that your history/herstory books are written, you will see war upon war upon war.  But what has happened is that the consciousness has been raising all this time and that more and more of your teachers of all ages, and now, most of all your children – the little ones, the crystals and the rainbows and the early indigos who are grown now – they came knowing that they are Love and that they are to help bring Peace to all of Planet Earth!!!  And because the requirement for Peace has been growing and growing and growing steadily, and because the Light of Truth is shining so bright everywhere on Planet Earth, NOW it has become a reality being claimed by so many, that I can tell you as Ashtar did,** that it is done!!!

     “There are only the remnants to play out, most notably, of course, centered around your middle east part of your World, and you know that this goes back – way, way, way, way back and beyond Planet Earth – but it is changing.  The Hearts bringing in the Light, the Light of Love are making a difference and it is changing!!!  And so it is to celebrate that Peace is well anchored on Planet Earth!  And while there are some still – some dramas to finish playing out – you can say with all knowing within your beings, that Peace is reality and that Peace is really accomplished!!!  From this Higher Dimensional Perspective, look upon it and be Joyful, because it is absolute – and absolutely the way that your lives are moving!

     “And so the ‘Peace That Passeth All Understanding’ is starting to be understood. You have it in your Hearts, Beloved Ones, as we who join you from the Light have in ours.  And together we are being heard even now!  And so I thank you, infinitely and unconditionally, for being here to join in this Grand Celebration. And I promise you more and more Celebrations during this coming year!!!  But for now, just know that you were here – whether in person, or listening afterward as you measure time – and know that together we have added to the Love, thus empowering Peace even more!!!

     “On behalf of The Mentors and all here gathered – your Guides and all beings from the Realms of LoveLight – I offer you this Blessing that you may know, all of you within your Hearts, that you were here.  And although we have more yet to do, I will tell you that there will be a Gift for you when we have concluded our Meditation** that will be yours to take and hold in your Hearts forever and ever more.  For now, I give you my Love, my thanks, and I stand with you now, joined in hands, joined in Hearts – One in Communion of Love and all that Love brings, to all of you and the World and the Universe beyond! And so it is. Namaste!”

*  Recording of complete call:
(The transcript of Ashtar’s message will be published in an upcoming email.)
** Sekhmet’s Meditation for Peace which followed. (Separate mp3 available here.)
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, December 22, 2015.
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