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GCR/RV Update – Intel Summation – Various Provider Notes – July 20, 2017

GCR/RV Update – Intel Summation – Various Provider Notes – July 20, 2017

Received via email at 6:21 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

July 20 2017 – GCR/RV Update – Intel Summation – Various Provider Notes

Compiled list from Wednesday and Thursday:


Yesterday July 19 told 5 different release times, but it did not go and no one can explain why yet.

Iraq has completed everything they needed to do. There is a new IMF office in Baghdad and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has a new website.

The Iraqi Qi cards (for citizens to share in Iraqi oil profits) have been issued, rates have climbed on them, plus they are scheduled to be activated internationally by midnight tonight July 20.

The rates are being traded up on the markets. They are higher than your expecting so be prepared.

We have an all new SWIFT system. There was a glitch in it during the day yesterday and again last night.

Redemption centers remain on hot status and won’t turn off their hot status until after the RV release.

Tiers 1,2,3 and 4 could be paid out at any time, along with the 800 number release. Notification for all will come at the same time.

July 19 Amazon, CITIBANK, PAYPAL and others were informed that the TDA’s (US Citizen Treasury Debit Accounts) would be available/open, which is why Amazon told all to re-process their prior purchases

CITIBANK was told by a Treasury representative/agent that the accounts would be accessible Wed-Thurs July 19, 20, this on a 3 way call between Citi, a Citi customer and the agent.

There were many such inquiries and calls with Treasury agents with all callers given the same or similar answers: Wed-Thurs July 19, 20 the TDA accounts will be “open.”

HSBC was expecting the US Note announcement, which we would be the new currency for the Republic since they cannot and will not use a fiat currency.

Two things to remember: HSBC (Hong Kong) said to “expect” something around midnight Wed. July 19 and the Treasury is saying the TDA’s are NESARA money.

July 20 HSBC (Hong Kong) was again advising clients to expect “something” around 12 midnight EDT.

Today an approval letter was received by all paymasters, indicating that the 800#s were coming out very soon.

The 800#s could be shared by any electronic means

If you have Zim and you called the 800# you would be transferred to another operator who would set your appointment. You would not have to call another 800#.

We have been assured it would happen, that we were in a perfect window on a min. to min. alert and in an expedited mode.


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