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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, July 21st, 2017


Friday, July 21, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sarah and it is an honor for me to be able to walk with you on Earth today. I have followed you during a long period of time and I have walked many moons with you here on Earth. It has been many lives with both more difficult and easier experiences. I feel your sorrow and your joy. It is hard to see the whole picture when earlier experiences have been closed off. It is hard to walk a different path than the one society offers. Those that have tried have often paid with their lives.

Yes, it has not been easy to wake up dear people on Earth, but now when the light shines with such force and intensity you are getting the help you need to see reality the way it really is. We are all now going back to what we originally were with more and deeper experiences of us self and the games we played. Nobody can live in separation. It is only divisive and frustrating. It is together that we are strong and I think we all understand this now. We can see that the winds of change are blowing now, when we are together and work side by side. It is when many come together and work for the same thing that a large change occurs. The more that wake up and help to embrace the new Earth with light and love the bigger changes can be discerned in the physical plane. This is what is happening now dear people on Earth. You are many that want to see a brighter future for your selves and your children – than the one you have just left.

Yes, you have left the third dimensional Earth. As soon as you have woken up and understood your calling you have left the old Earth and your new focus is the new Earth of light and love. This is the one you want to give your energy to and it is the one you wonder how you best can help, so that things we will be as good as possible for all who live there. You want to construct a better world for you and your children and this is what you do as soon as the thought and the feeling arrives, as you are strong in spirit dear children. You are strong in spirit and thought. Believe in yourselves for we believe in you. We see with great enthusiasm and joy at what is happening on Earth today. A great shift has taken place with focus on what is light and loving. There are many people that now have taken the initiative to improve the conditions for people and animals a bit all around on the planet. They receive all the time help and support from other people that have woken up and want to help improve conditions for all who live on our Earth. It is a great task they have taken on and they are all equally loved and honored for the work they do.

All people who hold the light in their hearts are doing great work on Earth, as without the light the dark would soon take over. The light is spreading to more and more that wake up and in turn spread their light. It becomes a wave movement of light that is lit and we can see how it billows of light on Earth today. It is a fantastic view and Our Earth is proudly and majestically sailing on out in the Universe, and in to the regions of higher light that she has decided to return to. The Universe is cheering her on and gives all the support it can in this very beautiful and unique transformation.

Yes, we are on our way dear people on Earth. I am on my way with you and I love you so much

In gratitude,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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