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Sarah via Rachel Goodwin, July 29



July 29, 2015

Channel: Rachel Goodwin


Welcome I am Sarah. Today I have come to speak to you of joy. Such a small word. Such a large problem!! Joy is the dictates of the higher realms, to us it is the air that we breathe. We have aligned ourselves to joy: learnt, understood and have breathed the living truth that the Divine IS joy. The words can only point to the thing, they cannot be the thing itself, nor tell you what it is. But words can show you the way to the thing. It is not an impossible task, after all joy is already a part of you, it is already present inside you, and is a question therefore of uncovering, not of ‘getting’ something but of finding what is already there. And how do you find it? Well, you have to change the way you are looking…

Joy is a frequency, a vibration. It is also a divine truth. It is an actual thing. You could even say it has a physical presence, and indeed it does. Joy manifests down onto the lower planes, but sits in the etheric, which is the material plane that is just about the physical manifest world that you can see and touch. But material plane it still is, what is in the etheric is a blueprint for the physical world. So then, the higher truths of the Divine, what really IS, manifest into the physical world, but have to brought with conscious intent. And there you are you see, there is your role!! Fancy that, to have a role in the Divine’s scheme to be an instigator of physically manifesting joy. If you think of joy as a substance that you are weaving into the fabric of your daily life, how does it start to look then? Less like an impossible reality and more like something that you can co-create with a little help from the angels and all of God’s heavenly helpers (including those that are present on earth!!)

And there is your biggest clue, conscious intent. You are conscious are you not? And you are able to set an intent about something are you not? So here we have a way. Not the result, not here you are, here is the form being given to you on a plate, but here is a way for each of you, divine conscious co-creators that you are to manifest and weave the fabric of joy into your daily life.

And that intent could look something like this, ‘dear guides and angels, (god/ goddess, divine, dolphins, unicorns or any other form that you wish!!) please show me how I may receive joy into my life today.’

The fabric of joy is already there on the inner planes, the etheric realms. You simply need to have the intent to be open to it, so that you may gather it up in your arms (and in great armfuls as you become more and more proficient at it!!) Because simply, as you allow the possibility that you can have joy in your life, then little spirals of joy can come dancing towards you, you will attract them to you energetically and it will become the stuff that you create your life that day, that moment, that lunch, that conversation, woven into those experiences with as much of the stuff as you can gather. You can start small, a little scrap of joy here, a little piece there, and then maybe have a rest for a while. It can be tiring to do something new!! As you become more accustomed to handling this new fabric, you can manage larger and larger pieces, and allow yourself more and more joy, greater and greater possibilities, but also finding all the joys in the little things that somehow you just hadn’t noticed before.

I am Sarah. Ask yourself’ How can I experience more joy today?’ And that is it, all you need to do to start (or progress further) on this wonderful journey of discovery. I am Sarah, and I can assist you in this journey to allow more joy into your life, ask me and I will be there, walking by your side, lighting up your path.

I am Sarah, and blessings are upon you, blessings are upon you, blessings are upon.


Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Amen.





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Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer working with the ascended master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus.


Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth.


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