Love is our new reality

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Divine Mother via Susan Sammarco, 29 juli

Divine Mother

July 29, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco


I am Divine Mother. That one that you know as “Mother Mary” along with so many incarnations. Divine Mother seems to be the most appropriate name to share with you today.

This room is filled with the light of so many beings, both corporeal and non-corporeal. From all dimension and all places. They are here to share with you and to give to you their light and their love.

The message I bring to you today is one of unwavering love. We can see that many in the human family are desperate, are fatigued, are tired. Many of those who chose to be a part of the Lightworker force, part of the “boots on the ground” are feeling the fatigue. Those in this group have had a boost in their energy and it is good to see, from the start of the series this week, but it is only the beginning of the discovery of the truth of your beings and the truth of your condition.

You are wonderful beings. You are beautiful beings. You are our children and our partners and our friends. We know that so much of the information that comes to you now seems to be that which is hard to believe, hard to understand. We shared with you many, many, many months ago that those things that would come forth would surprise even you and has it not? And there is even more yet to be surprised by.

This is a delicate dance, my friends. It is a delicate dance between what is allowed to be said and what is not to be said. It is a delicate dance between those things that we would share not yet for it is not time. You know that it has been part of your task on this planet to manifest this time and this place. Manifest it not only in that which you do in your physical bodies but to manifest that which you bring about in your consciousness. Bring about in your daydreams. Bring about through your lucid dreams. Bring about through your meditations.

The more that we can have you see yourself in a different time, a different place, living in a different way, the more that you bring that about. That which you see in your mind’s eye is that which you will experience. You have known this truth and you have lived this truth.

We are excited about the visions of your Galactic brothers and sisters. Some of the ships you have seen have been from Hollow Earth, Inner Earth, Middle Earth pick whatever you choose to call it. All of these are upon the planet now to give you hope. To give you the blessings of knowing you were right. Because you have heard throughout your lives how wrong you were.

And we know that. All of us who have been on this plane during many lifetimes have often experienced this as well. We know, we do know, how it feels to be the odd one out.

So in this moment, in this time, in this place I spread my arms around this circle, I feed you my love and my compassion. Inhale and partake of it. Let it strengthen your souls, let it strengthen you for the path that is yet ahead.

As the world seems to increase in its reactions to those things that are occurring and its reactions to those things which it is ingesting, to those things which it takes in without knowledge, there are pockets of those such as you around the entire globe that bring forth the love. You bring forth the faith and bring forth the understanding. It is good that you have cloistered yourselves away from much of that which has occurred in the world for that is how you maintain your vision of clarity.

So, I leave you for this day. Again, feel the love that I bring into this room today. Feel my heart touch yours’. And KNOW, know that you are a beloved child. Know that you are an adult. Knowing that you are capable and that you are of our Being. You are of our Spirit. And we love you.

Thank you.