Love is our new reality

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Adama via James McConnell



July 29, 2015

Channel: James McConnell


This is “Adama”. I do not come frequently to this group but when I come I bring a message. The message that I have for you this day, you have heard many times that when the time is right all things will proceed as has been spoken of. You have also heard when the frequency is right for that is what has been changed now, from time to frequency. Are you nearing that frequency? And we would say, “Yes, you are!”

For the frequencies have increased. Your vibrations have increased across the entire planet. Yes, the Lightworkers, themselves, are the ones leading the charge. But, many are awakening across the planet. More and more and more each day, a new light shines brightly.

And these lights, as we look at them across the planet, are expanding and growing and continuing to raise the frequency. For as a new light shines brightly it raises the frequency a little bit and another one and another one. The vibrations continue to raise. And this is what this is all about, this consciousness raising, moving into a new realm. A new understanding of who you are.

And as each one awakens more fully and you continue to raise your consciousness and therefore raise your vibrations you move closer and closer to triggering that which has been called the “Event” or the “Wave” or the “Cosmic Change” or whatever it might be given as a name. But know as you continue on with your daily existence, your daily lives, each and every moment you are moving closer and closer. And we, ourselves, in the Inner Realms, in the Inner Earth, have been preparing for some time now for these changes. And readying those places we have within our realm to welcome you when the time or the frequency is right. And many will be welcomed here.

We will also be coming to the surface. These plans are already in the works now.

Entrances that have been closed for a very long time are now being prepared to be opened once again. There are many entrances to our realm from the surface of the Earth.

It is very near the point where we will be joining you and you will be joining us. And we will together be joining those brothers and sisters from above. From the Galactic Centers. From the ships. You can close your eyes and look forward and see the New World, a new realm, that will be here on the surface of this planet, and all the new vistas that will be open to all of you and also to all of us.

I leave you now in love and peace. Adonai.