Love is our new reality

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Adama via Denise Laberge, November 22nd

I Am Adama,
Every one of you reading this message is enveloped and supported by my Loving heart. This message is charged with the energy of our hearts here in Telos as well with the energy of your own hearts.
Your heart speaks to you constantly and you are learning to listen to it. I invite you to anchor firmly in yourself the certainty, the belief that you are divinely guided towards your true heart. Your heart now wants to be heard. In several of your past lives, your heart was only a whisper, just audible enough to make you notice your difference with your brothers and sisters of the Earth. Well, that heart is now screaming! It is shouting its thirst for freedom, its thirst for happiness, for joy. It is talking about another way of life; it is talking to you about your own way to live your life.
Dear pioneers of the Christ Love, I invite you to acknowledge the great shifts in consciousness occurring within you. These heart impulses are prompting you to make changes; changes in attitudes, in beliefs, in habits. Stop denying what you deeply feel. These emotions, these feelings are talking about yourself, about your aspirations. An harmonization is currently developing, where your true Being will live from the heart in the energies of the new Earth. Your own energy grids are getting nearer and nearer to the ones of the 5th dimension, to eventually merge together. So the energies of the 5th dimension are coming towards you to help each of you recognize who you are.
In order to facilitate the harmonization of the Light energies, I invite you to trust the intelligence and the Love of the Great Life. I invite you to live this trust, to explore it and amplify it in your life, especially when the events occurring seem devoid of any sense. Trust in life, trust in the Source, trust in the Universe: choose the expression that makes your heart vibrate. It is trust that opens the large door of the 5th dimensional energies. So every night, take the time to review the events of your day to see their perfection and their guidance. This simple exercise will help you to further develop your trust in life. You will learn to recognize the all-powerful Love of your Divine Being, doing everything in its power to help you understand the laws of life that come to you, always with great precision and accuracy.
Knights of the Light, take refuge in this trust and do not let anything sway you away from the pathway of light on which you are walking. Know that with every step you take on this path, you are helping to transform this world which is in the grip of the illusion of separation. The fear vibration is incompatible with the vibration of your real and divine heart. As long as you accept fear in your life, without realizing it, you raise an impenetrable wall between your consciousness and your heart. Any fear vibration keeps you in separation.
Dear brave ones, choose to work with the Life, to open yourselves so that you can transform every fear in pure joy and freedom and to finally live the true Life.
I Am Adama, the one who knows you. May the enthusiasm of victory carry you forever!