Love is our new reality

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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, March 18th


Friday, March 18, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sarah and I am grateful for being able to talk to you today. Life on Earth is now starting to get so much brighter and lighter for all living beings on Earth. The rays from the Sun and the energies that come with them are now bombarding Earth with a persistent intensity. Everything and everybody are now inflluenced by this energy.

Everybody, both conscious and unconscious, can feel the energy in different ways. It is not the same for everybody. It depends on where the weaknesses in your body are, which parts of your body that needs to be strengthened and be transformed in order to be able to develop at a pace that is required now.

It is an intensive time that we live in now. Everything is changing and time seems to speed along. It is a time that really does not exist, but which is noticeable and possible to feel on Earth where you now live. Brief calmly, deep breaths and tell yourself that you have the time you need. You will see that all will find a solution in the best way possible.

Work at your own pace and trust in yourselves and your heart (your soul). Everything is working for you now, not against you. The only thing working against you is yourself. You trip yourself by not having trust in yourself and the world around you.

You are all strong and brave souls that came here to help Earth and yourself in this large transformation. With yourself I mean in this case you as a collective humanity. It is time for the human race to rise its vibrations and enter into a higher dimension.

You have much experience of darkness and can help other planets and solar systems with similar experiences that you have gone through. Many are now lining up to engage you when the time is right. However, first you need to dance and celebrate with all your close and dear ones.

You will gradually return to being a galactic being with everything that comes with that. These are wonderful moments that await you and the joy is large up here for all that you have achieved up till now. Many flowers are now strewn on the path you now trod, so that you will sense the love that surrounds you.

The joy is grand up since they can see that you are on your way home. They know that it does not take that much longer before they can embrace you all.

I am glad and grateful to be able to be a part of all this.

I love you so much,




Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan