Love is our new reality

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Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – “Slingshot” – January 10, 2017

Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – “Slingshot” – January 10, 2017


The events you’re ​now ​witnessing ​are tricky​ to interpret​.  ​Remain patient.​

Your eyes are seeing one thing,​ such as​ turbulence​ of transition​,​ struggle, anger, rage, disappointment in elections, pompous behavior, finger pointing, false flag attacks daily, governments coming and going, leaders falling away, ​new foreign ​policy being thrown out​ and implemented​… so much is happening ​at such a dizzying​ speed now… it’s hard to keep up let alone analyze accurately​.

But keep one thing in mind as you evaluate all intel and current events… ​and ask yourself is my God benevolent or malevolent?  A​m I divinely loved or relentlessly persecuted?  Because ​your core belief​,​ from ​all events are evaluated and judged, is where you ​we ​begin our eduction each day ​and the point from where we start ultimately ​determines our ​end ​conclusion.

For instance, lets take the ​GCR/​RV.  Many begin the day looking for clues as to its existence ​and/​or reality.  They seek information that supports their core belief​s​, but few really believe its here and now… ​and still fewer that it’s already done, complete and ​now ​disbursing in real time.  ​But how many reading ​sincerely believe ​we are at the absolute very beginning of 1,000 years of light​, already planned ​out by a Higher Power?

​Probably not a lot.  That’s OK.  The universe is patient.​

What if I were to tell you that humanity and planet earth are loaded up in a “slingshot” of ​benevolence, and the 800# release​ moment you are so desperately anticipating, is actual ​just a noticeable heavenly starting point ​inserted intentionally ​for ​your​ human subconscious?

Perhaps th​is​ ​whole ​abundance of wealth ​thing ​is really ​but ​a metaphor for the abundance of God’s love for His sacred children ​of Israel, that He alone created in His own likeness?  ​ And that everything else not of His truth, must be removed without negotiation.  That might explain all the insanity we’ve been witnessing?

​And what if things ​slowly, but somewhat suddenly, got so good, quickly… ​you realized that this buffet of blessings had been planned out long before your birth and you were just now being told about it (i.e. allowed consciously to remember​, understand and play with ​physical/material ​unconditional love)?

Imagine​,​ just for a moment, the ​GCR/​RV​,​ as ​some cosmic breakthrough for ​the entire human species, and you ​are ​one its ​prized ​chosen ambassadors of God’s ​unconditional ​love.​  That might put a little pep in your step today.

Just think ​about all the wonderful possibilities.  Feel His truth restoring ​your soul, ​and not just ​mending ​the Republic of the United States of America, but all nations ​and cultures of the world ​who desire​ to live in peace, clear of the cabal’s ​destructive ​behavior and decision makin​g.

War, poverty, hunger, hate, crime and suffering​ just dismissed… in the beat of a collective heart… never to return.  What an incredible thought,  yes?  Gosh, what if it were truthful daily reality?  Imagine what if?

​Even if such a notion ​were possible in ​your lifetime​, would you accept that much change in your daily life and thoughts?  Your beliefs would have to radically alter, and that’s not comfortable.  Come on, peace in the Middle East?  No nuclear threats?  Gold backed finances?  Monthly stipends for all?  Complete debt relief?  Cures for once thought unsolvable diseases?  The return of righteousness and truth to all major and minor religions?  The end of physical and emotional conflict as a way of life?  No more need for profit​able​ enterprises? ​ Simultaneous healing ​of ​the earths water, air and soil?  ​

Stop the crazy talk​!  ​​But we can imagine what if… that would be one cool place to exist… amazing… heavenly in fact.

​​So what are really talking about here?  A​ global​ financial jubilee or something, much, much, much more… a renaissance of benevolence on the surface of our beautiful planet? ​ A resetting of God’s Will over all others?​

Well folks, I’m not here to ​make such a choice of where to start your day’s belief level, just offer ​new ​possibilities… but I​ do​ feel obliged to offer this ​one ​thought​.  As ​some ​reading this post will agree load up as One of All in ​the before mentioned​ ​”​slingshot​”​ of benevolence… others will ​not, in fact, they will ​scuff at such discussion as ​being wholly ​illogical​ and based in fantasy not reality.

Few will select to participate in ​such a grand era of light​ as it requires the mind, body and soul to alter its current state of being.  But either way, ​do ​know that you are loved ​enough to be offered, and unconditional​ acceptance and surrender is 100% your choosing.

As there is ​now a clear choice… and th​at choice is upon us all ​to make in his here and now moment.

God is with us.


​January 10, 2017​
00:00:00 EDT

Fully staffed tonight with additional staff having added form morning shift in preparation to go live.

Now showing on the front screens with no administrative holds.  Only decimal places have moved, not numerical rates.

Delivery assets on standby existing with NDA packages and further instructions coming anytime with new documentation and new instructions.

Confirmed as received in exchange centers.

Needed to be registered on Forex independently. Currently underway. When finished, global release can take place.

Scheduled immediately following the presidential oath of office. Fiat currencies must be off the street before 1/20 (or 10 days).

There’s an entirely separate and secretive Republic government working in tandem with cover Trump Administration–who is publicly fronting massive change legislation required by GESARA treaties.

Last ditch cabal attempt to stop GESARA implementation by discrediting Republic Government (aka Trump Administration).

RV could be here (by morning?) including breaking the 20,000 DOW threshold.  Keep an eye out on the markets tomorrow morning through Wednesday’s opening bell.