GFL via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, November 25th



NOVEMBER 25 2015

11:19 AM

Know that every single one of these transmission’s I transcript for ascension are very serious and should be taken as such, as there are no jokes here on my mission for ascension. These are to prepare you for what you are about to witness in what is about to unfold through global contact with the many extraterrestrial groups and councils that are on standby in this Now for global contact. As I prepare you, it is important to know that you will need this guidance so that you don’t go into fear and shock as the many announcements to be released will really be shocking indeed.

10:54 AM

It is never productive to focus your energy on all the drama that is happening outside of you, no matter what it may be.

Everything unfolding within the outer hologram is happening as a means to bring in the necessary energetic changes in order to lift Gaia and humanity from the lower frequencies of duality into a pure non-dualistic reality of unconditional love.

All the dramatic events happening outside of you can be seen as a way to allow others to awaken and come into their inner truth and the truth to this holographic reality.

The most important focus in this Now is cultivating a frequency of unconditional love through embracing inner peace and practicing inner stillness in order to sync and align the mind, emotional, mental bodies within a balanced presence of unity and harmonized cohesiveness in your full activation, within unity consciousness and a light body expression.

9:54 am

As a trusted Commander within our Light Federation, I have always, from a young age, had visitations from Et’s guiding my path into ascended mastery.  I  had always felt an urge within me of being something greater, but not really knowing what it was, as I was just a young boy growing up in an unaware family who didn’t know any better about life or the nature of the reality we lived in, let alone aware of themselves. Feeling that being human was limited, as I felt more non-human than human, I didn’t quite fit in at school and within society. This  was not easy for me, as I couldn’t understand how humans behaved: seeing pain everywhere, separation of cultures and people, ego expressions of impulsive behaviors where people drink, pass out, and laugh about it the next day… people enjoying killing for entertainment, hate of others, and fear being the motivation behind most of everything. I had witnessed much trauma in my life from violence and conflict, from those around me, to include my own family.

As a non-human entity, growing up within a human family, I always knew that I was not alone. My first encounter with ET’s happened during my early childhood days, from the age of 6, in which I always had dreams I couldnt share with anyone. I had an understanding and awarenss that nobody would understand,  so I kept it to myself. These dreams were often of me being on motherships with tall beings who I spoke with telepathically, in which they often took me on tours within gigantic rooms which vibrate at different frequencies.  Many of these rooms are translucent, with a different theme to every room, in which the floor is like water with crystal pyramid vibrators that allows for each of these rooms to shift to a mood that vibrates to your frequency.

We then went to where galactic meetings are held in which a huge screen displayed different worlds that existed multidimensionally –  that co-exist together, to include the Earth, which are levels of Heaven in a sense. These worlds represented the divine hierarchy of the Creator, in which I was shown why I incarnated on Earth:  the reason being, to bring Earth back home among these Heavens.  I was shown, on the huge mothership crsytal screens, as I grew up, and these visitations continued my mission. It then became clearer and clearer to me, that I am now your ascension guide in this time of awakening, as a non-human entity in this human form.

4:04 AM

Through embracing love as all there is, this creates a ripple effect of divine energy that reaches out to others around you and around the world to experience and awaken to this Truth within themselves, as well as Creator.  This also heals the Earth, aligning the animal, elemental and etheric kingdoms in perfect divine harmony and expression. This allows all beings on Earth to consciously be open to all these dimensions of experience within the Earth hologram as the Christ expression.

3:57 AM

All beings who exist upon this planet will feel the love which radiates from the heart of Creation upon Gaia’s final ascension transition within the higher realms of the 5th dimension, in which even those who are heart hardned and entrenched in the darkness of duality and separation will indeed feel this intensified frequency of unconditional love from the heart of Creation, which is the heart of the Creator.


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