Love is our new reality

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“Global” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – July 10, 2017

“Global” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – July 10, 2017

Received via email at 12:33 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


As we wait up another night, sitting atop our RV perch/post, it gets one to thinking… if I had known in the beginning how long this journey would have actually taken — would I still be here?

No was my answer.

Yet here IAM. Drawn to it like a still smoking train wreck that just jumped the tracks.

HSBC says they’re still proceeding with their roll out and in a minute by minute mode.

Sweet. But so what.

Though HSBC is kinda of a massive global bank and quite important to this process.
So I still listen, but I cringe now.

The banks don’t know.
The military doesn’t know.
Government leaders don’t even know what time for sure.
But they all know it’s coming in a blink and to be ready.

So must we.

And for those of us stuck in Zimlandia where all dreams come true no matter how grand… if we can wait it out just a little bit longer… all we can do is be ready yet stay flexible.

Yikes. B-ru-tal. Turn me over on the spit of Christ’s Fire and Brimstone. Must I go Old Testament on someone to get this thing done? Wasted energy honestly. Sobeit.

But hey, our military dropped its secrete DEFCON level down to 3 again today.

Which I thought initially was a bad sign that security was standing down, but was later convinced otherwise as all major threats have been removed as now all 209 nations are fully on board.

Sweet. But again, so what. Get me those digits, Yo!

They did convince me there was good by sending me multiple stories of BiBi Netanyahu being able to leave Israeli boarders.

Which means the devil himself has even surrendered to the light, and most likely been taken off his tracking tether.

It’s just amazing for me to see this if you the depth of that man’s sin and hatred against gentile humanity (people of color or native Hu-mans).

Amazing to see the lion of Jerusalem actually lay down with us, the global herd of lambs … and in my lifetime.

I have not the words to express what this means in terms of reversing momentum from fear to love, scarcity to abundance, not God to God.

Truly epic stuff. All glory and praise to Yeshua. Thank you.

Mosul, Iraq has still not been declared as liberated and its nearly midnight on the East Coast.

President Abadi said victory was near but not here.. at least just yet. So does this mean something?

Sadly, yeah, I really think it does.

Maybe the Elders are still demanding full and complete military liberation of Iraq so Middle East Peace can settle before they release the IQD internationally.

That rings true, but good gracious… somebody drop a bunker busting bomb made in Texas on top of Hamad and his cornered gang of murdering rapists and let’s move on already.

This is just silly. Or is it timed out to perfection? Hmmmmm…

A tres sharp source tonight said the NPTB used the immanent liberation of Mosul as a pump fake to catch Arab currency traders from jumping the gun on their Sunday positions when markets opened in Dubai.

That I could at least strategically believe in, but can’t confirm. Who knows right?

They did the same thing with July 2-3 here in the USA earlier in the week. Caught a bunch of latent cabal traders jumping the RV gun. So maybe….

Quick Refresher:

ZIM Bond Notes = HSBC / Military @ Redemption Compounds and is an unlimited exchange.

RV Currencies = All Participating Banks Worldwide @ Off Site Locations / On Site Points of Redemption and will include sovereign rate redemption options.

The same 800# will get you to both redemption options–they’ll just reroute you internally via the call centers. No secondary 800# is necessary.

All bond notes and revaluing currencies will paid for by the Chinese Elders who caretake the majority of the global gold supply via AIIB (their greater good sovereign banking entity in Beijing).

You can ask and receive any number your heart desires. But like a hot buffet plate, if your eyes grow bigger than your stomach there’s going to be a lot of discomfort later.

So be wise in your request. You only have one shot at this and you’ll be living with the results across multiple generations of your family.

Best to measure twice and cut once RV carpenters.

Also, it’s again worth noting that the slowest weekly internet search and automobile traffic period comes on Sunday night/Monday morning from 2-4am.

So maybe be aware of this fact before you lay your head down on that pillow tonight.

Because just maybe it’s going down in the wee hours this morning before everyone is headed back to work first thing Monday.

Remember it’s an invisible global game of thrones we’re playing, and the clock stops for no nation or person, no matter how powerful / famous they are or once were.

Glad I waited… but even more thankful it’s finally ending truthfully. Infinite abundance was one hard, painful lesson to learn.

Maybe it’s that way for a benevolent reason.

Lord, I pray that to be so.

God is with us.