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“Light Speed” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – July 9, 2017

“Light Speed” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – July 9, 2017

Received via email at 1:51 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Per HSBC, all structural changes from the old to the new system are complete and humming at light speed.

We are living in the new fiscal paradigm right now, which really means we’re already experiencing life in fifth dimension.

Did you pack appropriately?

If so, you have nothing but your soul on hand. Everything else’s you’ve either given away or lost in the transformational fire of era change.

That’s the point. More is less in this era. Whereas we all were raised on more is more. That’s just not the case anymore.

Negative comments and insults should be deemed as 3D baggage, weighing those who offer them down and thus they will remain behind while we, the loyal servants of Christ, go forward at to bless, prosper and heal the soul of the world.

God or not God is how everything and everyone should be evaluated from here on out. Discerning the highest vibration of service as always closer to the Will of God and thus winning the day.

Bar none.

Credit systems were down this morning to make SWIFT to CIPS final code changes unified, but we expect the IT transition to complete and come back up before 6pm EDT tonight — along with the IMF’s new rate sheet on their website before midnight EDT.

How wicked cool is that Boston Strong!

New Zealand will open the global markets at 10am NZST per normal, but Dubai will open the global banking day in the Middle East at the same time. That’s new.

All other country’s will adjust to their schedule which honestly is also 6am CST Beijing which is why the whole GCR operation was called “Eternal Sunshine.”

Meaning on July 10, 2017–the official front of the house release for the RV went international.

Because on July 9, 2017–all final implementation protocols were put into place, and the official back of the house release for the RV went international.

The Iranian Rial has even RV’d. It is slightly higher than the IQD on screen.

Iran specifically asked to wait until the very last second so the western world, Saudi Arabia and IsIs would profit less from their transition to smaller denominations.

True story.

God kept His promise made long ago to all who would be loyal to His word, that one day we the meek would inherit the earth if we could remain righteous till the bitter and bloody end.

Well today is that day. And here we are.

Pure evil has been defeated (ISIS, Cabal, Dark Nobility, Dracos, Annunaki) and the vaults of Christ will now open for all believers who courageously walked through hell’s fire and laughed at the flames even while their flesh smoldered.

For as Christ himself once said, “No great social or economic change should be attempted suddenly. Time is essential to all types of human rights adjustment — physical, social or economic…” we waited on God.

It’s just that simple when you boil it down. And that’s why we shall now receive the Messiah’s blessing and wealth to heal the soul of the world and disburse His mercy.

We surrendered to His process and allowed the chaotic machinations of man to slide right on by as they were but illusions.

We were chosen because we chose God above all other forms of energy.

And we remained loyal to serving His divine covenant that He alone wrote in the Golden book of Fate.

So when people ask why and how you are so wealthy, the correct answer is “because I surrender my entire life to God and this what He returned for the loyalty of my soul.”


God is with us.